Wednesday, January 4, 2017

This Year It's Not A Resolution, But A Commitment

As last year came to a close I found myself thinking, "What do I what in 2017?"

And then it came to me...

My commitment is 'Do More of What Makes Me Happy'!

I found myself grabbing a scrap piece of paper and coming up with a quick list of things that make me happy.  

By all means this isn't a complete list, but I'll tell you so much of this makes me happy (or will keep me happy) and that's what this year is about!  

Show horses.  You better believe that I'll still keep showing my fancy horse.  Louie and I had a great 2016, but I'd like to make 2017 epic!

Baking.  Especially during the winter months.  It's too hot and humid in the summer to heat up the house too much!
Hang with my tribe.  I have great friends.  They are near and far; and I'll do as much wine sipping and road tripping with them as I can!
Snuggle my dogs.  Who wouldn't want to snuggle them?
Listen to more vinyl and live Texas Country music.  My turntable has been getting a workout!  I'm missing a few classics, but the collection I have speaks to me.  And Texas Country; lots of back and forth trips to the honky-tonk bar where they play.  Because they wear cowboy hats and boots, not skinny jeans.

Wear more vintage, sequins, feathers and turquoise.  Maybe even all at once!  

Slay in the gym.  I freaking love working out at my gym.  I feel like a rock-star when I hit a PR (personal record) and we just have so much fun!

Ag-vocate.  Speak with passion about agriculture.  That may be in-person or online.  People need to know where their food comes from.  Period.  I'm happy help connect the dots!

Let go of negativity.  That could be people, social issues or body issues.  Don't mess with my happy.