About Me

Howdy!  Thanks for stopping by for look around!  I'm Myla, and I live in the house with the purple front door!  I live here with my husband and our Black Labrador, Bella or maybe I should say we live here with her!

If you want to stick around for a bottle glass or two of wine I'd love it, but we should probably cover some basics first don't 'cha think?

The posts on The Purple Front Door will be be random!   I enjoy lots of hobbies, but wouldn't say that one or the other is the focus here.  So I guess that makes me a 'Lifestyle Blogger', heck I really don't know?  Basically, you're going to read posts about vacations, things I bake, maybe a rant... or two about my husband, crafts and DIY projects and my horse, Louie.  

Oh and I can't possibly forget Bella!  You'll find out more than you ever wanted to know about what she's been up to!

This is B refusing to eat an unripe strawberry!  Home girl is particular!

Matt and I met in college.  He was a sweet and quiet fraternity boy.  I remember telling my sorority sisters, "Matt is sooo... nice!"  We had both moved home after graduation and he started hanging around a lot.  I couldn't shake him, not that I wanted to!  Fast forward a few years and on 10.02.10, we got hitched!!

I was raised on my family's farm, which means I drove a pickup long before it was legal, chased cows in the dark and baled hay like one of the boys!  I followed my passion for agriculture to Southern Illinois University for my bachelor's degree and again a few years later to University of Illinois for my master's.  I think of myself as an advocate for agriculture, an agvocate!   I believe it's crucial to share why agriculture is important and where food comes from!  

Random Facts and Things I Love Include:

  • My high school graduating class had 12 kids.  12.  Yes, it was a public school.
  • Wine.  Trying new, savoring old, sharing with friends.
  • Sarcasm user.
  • In the summer, Matt and I grow an extensive garden.  We can green beans, salsa, pizza sauce, marinara, bruschetta, pickles and multiple types of jellies to enjoy all year long.
  • Traveling.
  • My college mascot is a Saluki.  Ever heard of 'em?
  • Pinterest.
  • The color purple, obviously...