Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fall Decor Tour

Each year I can hardly wait to drag all my Fall decorations up from the basement and get the house looking all sorts of snazzy!

I usually wait until Labor Day weekend to start decorating and then everything stays up until the end of November.  I don't specifically decorate for just Fall or just Halloween, but have learned that for me easier to incorporate both into my 'design'.  It doesn't hurt to have a good friend that makes some amazing wood crafts that I absolutely love!  Shameless plug.  It's also in my favor that I'm handy with a paint brush and other crafting essentials.

So much of what you'll see are decorations that we used at our wedding four years ago.  I didn't want all of our table decor to be the same so that I could use them again and again!  At this point, I actually have too much stuff to put out...

Let's start this tour shall we?  If you come through the front door (for inquiring minds, that the purple one!) you enter into our dining room.   As you can tell, I love burlap.  For the wedding, I'm not even ashamed to say I bought a hundred yards of the stuff... if it stood still, it was draped in burlap!  The 30+ table runners that I cut have been loaned out and reused at several weddings and showers over the last few years, so I'd say it was a good buy!  I still have oodles of it left and honestly use it quite a bit.  The 'FALL' pennant flags are just one of the things I've used it for over the years!

I painstakingly glittered everyone of the pumpkins on our table.  Mod Podge and extra fine glitter.  I freaking love them!  The wide hurricane vases are new this year.  They were a birthday present and I really like the way they look in this grouping!

You'll spy one of Diana's wood crafts hanging on the ladder here.  While it's Halloween, it doesn't scream it.  For a long time I struggled with wanting to decorate with black, orange and purple at Halloween, but resigned to the more rustic look so I didn't have to take down, put up and take down again.  The gourds in the picture are also from the wedding.  They were dried and scrubbed clean so I could bring them in the house.  The apple shaped ones are in a vintage bunny cage that we used to collect our cards on our wedding day.

Also in the dining room, I made what I call a 'Thankful Tree'.  It has paper circles hanging on the branches and each year we fill out a few to share our blessings.  If we host Thanksgiving we also ask our family to make one.  I enjoy looking back at who was thankful for what and when.

Remember how I said I have a lot of decorations... 

Well, they continue into the kitchen.  The two pumpkins on the shelf were made by Diana and I did the wood burning back in high school.  The wreath, Harvest sign and print with the spices were also made by yours truly!  I also have some cute decorations on top of the refrigerator, but honestly it's entirely too dusty up there to show you!  Just keeping it real.

Our living room downstairs is also sporting Fall finery!  The glittery FALL frames were also made specifically for our wedding, aside from the glitter pumpkins, it's one of my favorite things to put out each year.  The floral arrangement behind the frames sat on the alter where we lit our unity candle.  
You guys thought I was kidding when you said I wanted to reuse all our wedding decorations, huh?  

More of Diana's adorable stuff is on display here!  The witches hat is brand new this year and it's my favorite piece she's done.  The top actually comes apart from the base for easy storage!  She really thinks of everything.  

Each of the bathrooms also have some pumpkins in them, ya know because I can!  

I know I have a problem.  You don't have to tell me.

It makes me sad, but I'll probably start putting away my Fall decor away within a week or two.  We aren't hosting Turkey Day, but our annual Christmas party is butting right up to our trip to Las Vegas and getting the house undecorated and redecorated will be a bit of a squeeze.  I do love my Christmas decorations, so I won't grieve Fall too long!

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  1. Those glittered pumpkins are fantastic, and I love the idea of a Thankful Tree! Your home looks beautiful :)

  2. Very cute, Myla!

    I'm going to have to try the mod podge glitter pumpkins.

    The wood crates are neat. I had some old fruit crates from my Great Grandma. Now, Sister has them in her house for decor.

  3. Your decor & home are beautiful!!! love love love! I won't lie, I totally skipped out on fall decor this year & went straight for Christmas..oops!

  4. Everything looks FABULOUS! And I can't believe you did so much of it yourself (that's one area where you and I differ a bit...I seem to be lacking in the creative department!). I love love love the Thankful Tree...what a great idea!

  5. Holy cow girl! Your decorations are spectacular. I wish I had that gene, but I totally don't.

  6. Your house looks awesome!! We just moved a couple of weeks ago so I didn't have my act together but definitely saving some of this for next years inspiration! Love!

  7. Your decor is AMAZING! Seriously - it looks great. Are you headed to Vegas for NFR? We're going down the 7th thru the 9th and I can't wait! :)

  8. I absolutely LOVE everything. I really love your table. I've begun to truly love my fall decorations. You have a beautiful home.

  9. I love every little item and detail you did! Perfect!

  10. Oh I love your buffet and that centerpiece on your table!! SO pretty and festive!! Can you come and decorate my house for me? I never got around to it after Halloween!

  11. The Thankful Tree is such a precious idea! I love all your decorations-I believe that you can never have too many! Great ideas.

  12. I love your wine rack. I am itching to get up my Christmas decorations. Since Canadian Thanksgiving is in October my mind automatically shifts to Christmas decoration shortly after Halloween!

  13. Cute! I love the crate display you've got going on. That's such a great idea!

  14. Girlfriend, I can't get over how awesome all of your decor is! I absolutely love the Thankfulness tree... I may have to get/make one of those for the next time I host Thanksgiving dinner. Do you have a lot of Christmad decorations too? Or mostly just fall and Thanksgiving from your wedding? SO impressed - gorgeous!!