Thursday, August 2, 2012


I've been a total slacker about posting here, sorry.  I'm sure my one faithful reader (Hi Michelle! *Waving enthusiastically*) has really missed my posts! 

Just a few quick updates and then I'll get some content related posts cranked out.  I've been a slacker in more ways than one...
  1. Lack of Blogging.  The evidence is clear, my last post was July 22.  Oppsies.
  2. 30 Day Shred Workout.  We went on vacation and I had some horse shows so I wasn't able to complete it by the end of July.  I will finish up on August 9 and intend to get pictures and measurements posted.
  3. Riding.  I haven't rode Louie or even worked him since July 22 either.  Although I'm sure he's not heartbroken about it, I'm feeling guilty.  Thankfully, he's a pretty good boy and it won't take much to get us back on track for our next show at the end of August.
  4. There are more examples, which include: meal planning, canning/freezing garden produce, getting my library card renewed, so on and so on.

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