Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dog Shaming

Yesterday, I found a really hysterical website that is all about publicly shaming your dog (and the random cat) for being bad.  I was sitting in my office literally trying not to laugh too loud!  Examples include: eating dirty underwear, sneaking on the sofa, and of course, peeing and pooping in places they shouldn't.

Now fast forward to 1AM this morning....

I wake up to Matt yelling, "BAD DOG!  You're a bad bad girl!"

I'm thinking, 'Oh boy, what happened now?' as I get out of bed to go investigate.  Matt caught Bella snacking on the homemade bread I made and had sitting out on the counter defrosting.  You can add that bread to the 11 cupcakes she ate that were cooling on the stove prior to the birthday party we had at our house two weeks ago!  So this morning, what did I do?  I made Bella her very own sign and made her pose with the half eaten loaf of bread!!

The Culprit and her evidence...

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