Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shameless Fall Decorating

Fall is by far my most favorite time of the year!  The weather cools off, the air gets crisp, the leaves change, hunting season kicks off for Matt, we celebrate our wedding anniversary, and harvest begins... See, so many good things!!

Since Matt and I got married in the fall (and no two tables sported the same decor) I have TONS of decorations that I store in tubs in the basement and drag out each year.  Although I'm a little early and the seasons haven't 'officially' changed I took advantage of the quiet, empty house to decorate!

It all starts with be hauling said tubs upstairs.  There are FOUR of them.

Okay, really 4+ because not everything fits.

 I spent the better part of the day unpacking and placing the decorations I have.  Last year I made this 'Thankful Tree' and at our family Thanksgiving I asked everyone to write something they were thankful for and display it on the tree.

The buffet in our dining room is full of glittered pumpkins.  I spent two years scouring craft stores for cheap pumpkins so I could have this huge 'punkin patch'!  The large white monogrammed pumpkin and two silouhette ones are from our wedding.   

Sidenote: We had the best wedding!  I'm biased of course, but it was a blast!  

The three falling leaf pieces are just some canvas I painted, hand drew a leaf, smeared glue and glittered them up.  I love 'em! 

This A-frame wine rack was a gift from my friend Kira.  It's reminiscent of aFrench riddling rack's.  I have it decorated with faux 'mum-kin's', again from our wedding.  There's also a little ceramic tile tucked in there that I mod podge'd a wedding photo on to!

Here are the decorations in the kitchen.  I could literally decorate the whole house top to bottom, but then I just have to clean it all up later so that keeps me in check... kinda.
 I made the 'give thanks' blocks last year from some wood laying around, scrapbook paper, mod podge, and wood stain.  I think it's super cute and could do a tutorial if you wanted?  Lemme know!

The two pumpkins were a birthday gift from one of the uber crafty ladies I work with.  I love that they're primitive!  The farm scene was a high school art project that I just happened to keep track of.

The harvest artwork on the other wall I painted last year.  I dig it, but would I really claim something as mine if I didn't? Nope, probably not!

Hi, Mr. Pheasant!  I hope Matt shoots lots of your real pheasant friends this season because they're awfully tasty.  You don't have to worry though, you're safe on the kitchen counter!

And frankly, you're too small to eat!

Well there you have it friends, my house all dressed up for fall!  Now go get your decorations out and get to cracking!  I'm off to put my horses in the barn before the rain we are experiencing from Hurricane Isaac starts up again.  Later!

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