Friday, July 11, 2014

And I'll Never Bring It Up Again

One last post about Jersey, I swear then I'll stop devoting post after post about my awesome trip!

Because nobody likes a vacation gloater...

Here are my five favorite photos from my trip in honor of the inaugural 'oh hey Friday' link up!

No trip to the East Coast is complete if I can't satisfying my thirst for Yuengling's Traditional Lager!

Homemade Pie

Homemade crust.  Local blackberries.  This was delicious with a dollop of ice cream!  Who am I kidding?  I used way more than a dollop!

10th Ave. Burrito Company

As a Diner's, Drive-ins and Dives junky I had to go and check out 10th Ave. Burrito Company.  The Herradura Margarita was so good and the pork mole and guac nachos, epic!  I'm ready to go back.

Yellow and Silver Labradors

Sweet Maggie and Sailor!  The official lifeguards at the Muirhead pool.  They make good snuggle buddies too!

Toms River, NJ

I celebrated Independence Day (and the day after) here!  You shouldn't feel bad for me. 

Linking up with September F A R M and The Farmer's Wife.


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Those dogs are too cute. Stopping by from the Friday link-up :)

  2. That pool & that view look AMAZING! And I'm definitely craving some delicious pie!

  3. Oh my! That last picture is a gorgeous view!!! :) And those pups in the pool are too darn cute!!! Love it!

  4. What sweet doggies!!

    Blackberries are my favorite summer treat! I grew up picking them on wild vines in pastures, peoples yards, the side of the road, etc. and my mom would make cobblers out of them. Brings back so many memories! Thanks for that! :D