Friday, December 19, 2014

5 Things Ag Girls Talk About

Quick Poll:  How many of you have met other bloggers who you're "friends" with online?

I can officially say I have!

Maggie, myself, Crystal and Darcy//Darcy's friend Anna behind the camera!
Prior to our trip to Las Vegas last week, Crystal, Darcy and I talked about getting together, having what the cool kids call a "blate" and meet IRL.  This chick is down with the lingo of the interwebs!!   After finalizing all the deets (okay, I'll stop now!), even deciding to include both the husbands and accompanying friends, we had a plan in place!  It was an interesting discussion with Matt trying to explain what exactly we were doing that morning eating breakfast with strangers, but I'm here to tell you it was a total success!!!

Sitting the group, 10 total, together proved to be a challenge for the restaurant and the girls ended up sitting at one table and the boys another.  Sink or swim!  Crystal's husband was the only one without a wing-man, but from what I heard he did all right!

Not surprising, us girls weren't short on conversation!  We all come from agriculture backgrounds and we spent two hours talking about...

Commodity Prices
Being farmers daughters, ranchers wives and women involved in the agriculture industry, we all know that the market prices dictate some much of our livelihood.  Darcy is from Oregon so her perspective and cropping is similar, but different compared to Crystal (who's from Iowa by way of Kansas and Canada before that!) and mine being from the Midwest.

Make Up
Would you believe it if I told you that it was make up that brought us together in the first place?  It's true!  Crystal is the founder of the Beauty Swap that I've participated in and done several posts about (here and here).  I was reading her blog lllooonnnggg before the Swap, but since participating I've "met" a lot of awesome ag gals who from time to time clean the dirt out from under their fingernails and enjoy getting glammed up as much as I do!

Darcy and Crystal raise cattle and I grew up doing the same.  Darcy refers to the "ranch" and Crystal talks about the "farm", but while the terminology and picture in your mind are different, the work and values instilled in are the same!

Cowboy Boots
Want to see a pair of beautiful cowboy boots?  Check out this pair that Crystal wore for her wedding!  In LV, I was on a mission to find a pair of boots that fit my long list of particulars and while I didn't come home with a pair, I do think I found THE ONES!  Finally.

Explaining This Whole Blogging Thing to Non-Bloggers
Are you really only "friends" with people you've met in real life?  I sure hope not!  There's quite a few ladies out there that I've "met" that I'm sure I'd be friends with if we both came out from behind our computer screens...  I totally talk about you or share you're experiences, reviews, etc. with other people saying "Oh, I have this friend who..." 

Go check out these two blogs because I'm here to tell you agriculture isn't all about cows, sows and plows!!

I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your last weekend before Christmas!!

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  1. Myla,

    Your visit and "in real life" meeting sounds like so much fun! I do consider some of my "blog acquaintances" friends. I have a handful of gals that I communicate with via blog, e-mail and social media. Between our ag lifestyle and blogging we can make great connections. And yes, honey, you are one of them!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I love this post - such a good description of our morning. :) And it was great to meet you IRL. :) Merry Christmas!

  3. Love it! My IRL friends really don't get my blogging friends, but I really do consider them real friends! I hope to have a blate of my own someday. :) I grew up on a farm, but man it was not the same! I wasn't privy to the business side, but I know more than most people. Hope you have a good weekend girl!