Thursday, April 30, 2015

4 Fads I Bought Into and 3 I'm Not Sure I Will

There are just some things you see on the internet or in magazines that you convince yourself that you just can't live without, am I right? 

I'd be willing to bet that we're all guilty of buying something that's the next big 'thing'.  Whether we've seen it on Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter we pull the trigger because we see ourselves wearing or using it regularly.

Four fads that I've wholeheartedly embraced include:

Sperrys.  I have come to adore this brand of shoes!  I got this pair three years ago when I was visiting friends in New Jersey and haven't looked back.  Recently, I purchased a pair via Poshmark and I'm beyond excited to get them because they're sparkly!!  Like my personality.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor.  My amazeballs SIL bought me a Polar as part of my Christmas present this year and when I remember to wear it, it's awesome!  The little guy tracks my calories burned and obnoxiously beeps when my heart rate is too low or too high.  

The Blanket Scarf.  The really questions here is, who hasn't bought a blanket scarf?  It's literally been everywhere for the last year or so.  I got mine while I was in Chicago last year and love it!

Vegetable Spiralizer.  Spiralize all the veggies!  Matt isn't on board with zoodles, but sweet tators are a definite go.  We went with a cheaper, more compact version initially just to see how much we utilize it to start.  So far it's treated us just fine!

This brings me to my list of fads that I'm not sure are my thing.  Or at least not yet they're not...

Hunters.  I just can't bring myself to buy a pair, I honestly don't think I'd wear them.  Now, don't think I won't sign up to win a pair when someones hosting them as part of a giveaway, but they're not something I'd buy for myself.  I wear my Muck boots when it's rainy, cold and/or muddy at the barn and usually choose my Sperry's or a pair of boots on a rainy day.

Subscription Boxes.  Y'all are so cute when you post your StitchFix outfits, Birchbox and Ipsy items!  Really, you are.  It's just not for me... I don't think, anyway!  I have a laundry list of things that I know I want to buy without getting stuff in the mail that I didn't know I needed!!  For now, this one is a no for me.

Kendra Scott Earrings.  Okay, these are only on this list because I can't decide what freakin' color to buy!!  I'd wear the heck of of the turquoise ones, but do I go with gold or silver?  Or what about the pretty purple ones?!  The pretty grey, basic black or iridescent?  The struggle is real.  


So spill. 

What fads have you embraced and which aren't your jam?  Am I really missing out on the three fads that I don't think are for me?  Try and sway me.


  1. Oh man - I totally resonate with this post! For the record - I don't have any of the 4 things you do, lol. But I find myself "wanting" things I see online, but don't necessarily "need". I do have the Kendra Scott "Elle" earrings - and I LOVE THEM! I'm actually wearing them today and I got the "Black Iridescent" color and I love how it goes with so many things. I think they're more blue than black, and I love them with navy shirts & jeans. They're also REALLY light - my concern was that they looked heavy, but I can't even tell that I'm wearing them. If you end up buying a pair, Nordstrom offers free returns and free shipping, and sometimes has them on sale. (That's how I got the pair I own - they had a mega sale two weeks ago...I wish I'd have known you were looking, I'd have told you.)

  2. But girl my hunter boots I live in! THeyre all I wear in the winter because they resist the snow and Im lovin them this april =]


  3. I just did a subscription box and it's pretty fun. My husband scoffed at the idea of "renting" jewelry, but he's a dude and doesnt get it.
    I love the Kendra Scott earrings--she has so many nice pieces. I have a bracelet (from one of those boxes) that I really like of hers too!

  4. I totally agree with you on the rain boots! And I tried StitchFix not only once but twice and it was an ultimate fail both times. BUT...I do think you MUST get yourself a pair (or three) of Kendra Scott earrings. I have neutral ones (black, the clear-ish/gray ones) and wear them ALL.THE.TIME. Both of mine are gold, but I'm gonna be adding a silver-lined pair (or two!) to my collection soon!

  5. I want ALL the Kendra Scott earrings. ALL of them.
    I get the most wear out of my black and gold Elle earrings! :)

  6. I'm a huuuuge advocate for the Hunter boots-- especially after wearing them for an entire day walking around NYC in horrible rain-- not only were my feet totally dry and warm, they were SO comfortable, it was amazing! I love the Sperry's you found on Poshmark, and Kendra Scott jewelry is so pretty!

  7. I'm the least trendy person in the world :) I'm so behind on it all, lol. I think i would consider Hunter boots, if we lived somewhere colder/rainy. I like the idea of zoodles but I'm not sure we would really use it that much when it came down to it. Pasta is too hard to pass up.