Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Swappers Gonna Swap

Last month when Crystal announced another round of her Beauty Swap, I totally forgot to sign up and then went into panic mode thinking I was too late!  Thankfully when I remembered there was still a few days to get signed up.

I don't know if it was because Ashley and I both signed up late or what, but I got another GREAT swap partner this time around!  Crystal literally works some serious skills matching us all up!

Ashley lives and works on a dairy farm in Michigan and has a flare for home renovation, agvocating as a FarmHer and enjoys good country music!  We've even talked about actually converging on Chicago at some point to meet up and enjoy some good food and libations!!  Keeping my fingers crossed that we can pull that off.

Okay, so back to the Beauty Swap!  Ashley and I sent countless emails discussing what sort of make-up/skin care items we use on a daily basis and then went from there.  I had told her that I was needing a good bronzer and wanted to add to my lipstick collection.  For Ashley I was on the hunt for some exciting skin care products, since she works on the farm everyday she mentioned wanting some things along that line instead of make-up make-up.  You can check out Ashley's post to see what I sent and her thoughts on each item!

As for me... Ashley sent me some really rad goodies that I'm pretty much in love with!

The Kat Von D lipstick (Lovecraft) is literally like butter on my lips!  It's like the perfect no color, color!  I'm certain Ashley selected Lovecraft for me because I had told her that I prefer to accentuate my eyes when I do a 'full face'.  She totally nailed this item.  The sample of shower oil went right into my shower and is fantastic.  I also received a sample of First Aid Beauty (FAB) face cleanser.  While I haven't used this one yet, the five star reviews are plentiful!  Ashley had previous reviewed the L'Oreal Paris Pro-Last lipstick on her blog and I was so excited to see she'd included it in my box of goodies!  I used this lipstick over weekend and it literally lasted ALL day... just like she said it would!  The UD Naked Flushed palette which features a bronzer, highlight and blush is on point!  This little ditty has definitely gotten the most use out of everything Ashley sent.  And you can't forget the Lindor egg truffles!  They're chilling in the freezer for a rainy day!!!

I'll leave you today with a picture of the handsome pony and myself this past weekend at our horse show!  We're all clear I like love the color purple, right?!?!


  1. Wow, you got quite the haul of awesome stuff!!

  2. You and your pony look awesome! I'm so glad that you and Ashley have gotten to know each other a little better. I think a Chicago bloggers day should definitely be in the works. Hope show season goes great!

  3. I'm intrigued about the shower oil....checking that out soon! And who KNEW that Lindor made eggs???

    PS - You look great showing your horse - have a great season!

    Darcy @

  4. YES, CHICAGO BLOGGER DAY!!!! As you can tell I am really excited about that. I am so glad you liked everything. I had so much fun picking out a bunch of makeup for you :)

    1. I'm so so so up for a Chicago get together! Sounds like a super fun time to me!

  5. What a FUN swap! I've been wanting that flushed palette... and it sounds like you and Ashley had plenty of things to bond over. Always love a farm girl.