Sunday, November 15, 2015


A special Sunday post for a special little dog.

One year ago today sweet Haddie was officially added to our family!  I vividly remember seeing her picture come up on my Facebook.  Within seconds of seeing and reading about her I'd made contact with rescue organization, called Matt and scheduled a "visit".   I say "visit" because I knew that adorable little face would have a furever home with us if she and Bella got along.

Three days after seeing Haddie online, we loaded up Bella and hot footed it to northern Illinois.  When we met her, she was timid and rightly so.  Labradors are inherently boisterous and Bella was only too excited to meet a new friend!  After some playtime, a walk and quiet deliberation where Matt told me it was my decision... I decided that heck yes I wanted this girl to be mine ours! 

In the last year, we've overcome some hurdles with Miss Hadelyn Lott.  She was anxious about traffic and would dive into the ditch if a car passed us while we were running.  Haddie wasn't thrilled even riding in a vehicle, but now she gets highly offended if she doesn't get to go along!  Trips with me to the barn or horse shows are her favorite!

There are times I find myself wondering how this snuggley, well-mannered and sweet dog ended up in a high kill shelter somewhere in Kentucky?  It's a question that I'm asked a lot too.  Honestly, I try not to dwell too long on it because what's in the past is exactly that; the past.  Her present and future are far superior to what she lived prior to becoming part of our family!

Happy Gotcha Day, Haddie!


  1. Great pictures! And your dog is lucky to have you too! :)

  2. Sounds like Haddie isn't the only one that got lucky! What a pretty girl.
    Have a fantabulous week, Myla.