Monday, November 30, 2015

Mom and I Agree On This

There are few things that my mom (Hi, Mom!) and I agreed on when I was living under my parents roof.  Looking back now, it was pretty stupid stuff like laundry or what color the sky was.  Teenagers.

These days, I have to be careful because sometimes I open my mouth and my mom comes out!  I find it eerie and Matt thinks it's hysterical. Mom and I might still find things to nitpick about or poke at just for the sake of poking, but we do have a mutual agreement for one thing..

Made for TV Christmas movies!!

As I sit here and type, I realize that they're all terribly corny.  But I just can't stop!  Someone on my facebook feed said this, "They're like potato chips. Each one tastes the same as the other, but you can't stop at just one!" and it's SO TRUE!  

Mom and I could both sit down and watch them for hours.  I think Dad and Matt call to commiserate.  At least there's a second TV at my parents!  I try to record as many as I can so that I a) don't have to listen to Matt moan and groan and b) so I'm not ridiculed for them when I do watch!  Even though he swears he doesn't watch or isn't listening, the man knows when one is a repeat from the year before.  

Below are some of my favorites that I've seen this year (or last year and probably the year before that too) on Hallmark!

Snow Bride

The Christmas Ornament

Tis The Season For Love

Lifetime is another great option for Christmas movies!  This weekend I recorded A Gift Wrapped Christmas and really like it.  And if you're looking for some eye candy consider watching 12 Men of Christmas!

I know that my mom and I are not alone in our love of these movies, otherwise the networks wouldn't have started playing them at the beginning of November, right?  Right?  

Who else will own their love for these cheesy, sticky sweet Christmas movies? 

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