Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vacation Recap, Days 1-4

It seems like forever since I've last posted something to my blog here.  Sorry about that!  Since most of the people who frequent this site are friends and family I'm sure you knew I was out on the East Coast visiting some family friends.  This was my first trip to New Jersey and hopefully it won't be my last!  My friend Laura invited me out to celebrate her son Luke's HS graduation and I jumped at the chance.  Laura, her daughter Kelsey and I met showing horses a long time ago and we've stayed in touch after all these years!
Side note: Kelsey and Luke are actually both attending my (and Matt's) alma mater, Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  
I flew in to Philly, PA Friday and arrived at Dan and Laura's house in New Jersey around 1pm.  That evening we all went out for a nice supper and then headed back to the house to crash.  The next morning Number #1 on my To-Do List for the day was to create these little wonders....

Have you seen them online or via Pinterest?  They were a cinch to make and everyone at the party loved them!  They are so simple to make you literally unwrap the peanut butter cups, attach the chocolate square with some melted chocolate chips and then attach a 'tassel' using frosting and top it with a chocolate candy.  In addition to the candies, Kelsey and I were in charge of decorating the porch and pool deck with balloons and streamers.  We were also enlisted to go to the ice cream shop down the road and get some 'fun' flavors.  Ice Cream on 9 has over 127 varieties of homemade ice cream, as well as sugar free and Italian ice options!  Kelsey and I decided on Smurfette, Mint Cookies and Cream and Chocolate Covered Pretzel, in addition to good ol' fashion Vanilla.  The Chocolate Covered Pretzel was the freakin' BOMB!!  Salty!  Sweet!  Delicious!  Laura and I actually discussed with 100% seriousness, shipping some back to IL using dry ice.  Instead, I've decided that it is my mission this summer to re-create it back here in IL.  Not just the ice cream was amazing either, I took full advantage of this machine and created some yummy margarita's for myself the party guests!

Isn't she a beauty?  This is by far the best way to make margarita's!  I'm adding it to my wish list for birthday's, Christmas, etc.

To recuperate from the party, Sunday we did a lot of this...

Cotton Kitty used to be a barn cat back in Illinois when Laura owned her own boarding and training barn, but as you can see she is assimilating nicely to the fine living she is enjoying now!

On Monday we headed down to the NJ shore.  Laura's brother-in-law opened up his home to use for an afternoon of swimming, socializing and jet skiing.  This was the first time I'd ever had the opportunity to ride, let alone pilot a jet ski and it was a blast!  The whole afternoon was ahh-mazing, the house, the view, the hospitality all above and beyond!  Although this Illinois girl is a Chicago Cubs fan, who can fault Yankee fans when they let you come hang out at a place like this?


From Bill's we went down to the boardwalk at Seaside Heights.  This is the same location the television the Jersey Shore is filmed at.  Although we didn't see any celebs, we did partake in some delicious fried treats and pizza bigger than my head!

Tuesday morning we all headed for New York City, more details to come!

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