Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend Recap Via Instagram

This last weekend was a whirlwind!  I was up and at 'em and out the door by 7:45am to get to the DMV.  I recently bought a new horse trailer and needed to get the title and license plates squared away.  From there Bella and I headed to our friends house to spend some time at the pond.  Bella LOVES going over there and gets all spun out about a mile from their house because she knows where we're going!  Jill and I floated while the dogs swam, terrorized the wildlife and generally ran around like goofballs.  It was so nice to relax!  I didn't get any photos at the pond, but we spend a lot of time there in the summer so I'm sure there will be some soon.

From the pond, I headed to see one of my best friends and her new baby!  They'd been out of the hospital for about a week and I hadn't had a chance to get down to see them yet.  My Friday schedule was totally crazy, but I was able to spend about 45 minutes visiting.  He's a cutie pie!  From there I headed back home to shower and change for a birthday party for my secretary at work.

Saturday morning I was up early again, this time it was to go and get my horse ready for our first horse show of the year!  YEA!!  I had to clip, cut, wash, band, and polish him up so he was all purty for the show.  Here we are all dressed to the nines and looking fabulous!
Louie gets very worried when he has to stand by himself at the horse trailer, he really like a buddy... either horse or human, he doesn't care!  And he was driving me crazy before we went into our first class because he was causing such a ruckus, neighing for anyone who would listen... dancing around... pawing with his front feet.  So I told him, in my toughest gruffest voice that he'd better shape up or else....  Our first class of the day was Showmanship at Halter, which if you don't know anything about horse showing is a pattern class and the handler, in this case me... is judged on how well I complete the pattern with my horse.  In classes like this I like to be the first one to go, but the only drawback is you have to stand there and watch the other contestants go.  I stand there and critique their patterns and try to compare my pattern to theirs...  After everyone had gone the announcer clicked his mic on and said "Placings for Adult Showmanship are as follows... 1st Place... entry number 571... Myla Ringler and Thru Thick N Tin."  The judge selected Louie and I as the winner!!!  Woo Hoo!
I was a happy girl! 

Sunday morning I was pretty excited to sleep in past 8 o'clock!  Matt and I were pretty slow moving, but we really had to drop the hammer and get in gear because we were heading to Chicago for the day.  We stopped at my parents house, wished my Dad a "Happy Father's Day", dropped Bella off and headed back out.  Long story short we successfully used our navigational (and marital) skills to get to and from Chicago riding the Metra.  Not to pat myself on the back, but we also dominated riding the CTA to Wrigley Field for a Chicago Cubs game!  
Hanging out in the city was wonderful and the game was fun even though the Cubs lost....*sad face*  We made it home safe and sound around 2am Monday morning and let me tell you getting up for work was tough tough tough!  Play Hard, Work Hard!

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