Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Checking It Off The List

I started my 30 x 30 list some time ago and it's just kinda been hanging around waiting for me to get back at it for some time.

One of the things I wanted to do was go with Matt to visit his sister and her husband while they were living in Minnesota.  This goal has since been modified since originally created because they moved again...

To Tennessee!  Just outside Nashville actually.

Matt and I decided that we would coordinate our trip down to celebrate New Year's Eve and a belated Christmas with them.

The trip itself was great!  We took our time driving down on Saturday and were able just to hangout as a group in their beautiful new home the first night we were there.

The following day we headed out to Arrington Vineyards, which is a gorgeous winery owned by Kix Brooks.  We did some sampling and then sat on the wrap around porch to drink our two faves!
The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering the streets of Franklin, TN.  We ended the night at a fun sports bar and happily downed a few half-priced beers!

On Monday before we headed downtown for NYE, we took advantage of the overcast skies to take some family photos that didn't involve anyone in wedding dresses or tuxedos....

Sadly, just after we finished pictures the weather took a turn and started sprinkling.  The dreary weather hung around with us as we took in the sights and sounds of the street festival they hold every year on Broadway.
To escape the cold and wet weather, we headed to The Wildhorse Saloon for drinks, live music and some pool.  We also wandered up to Printer's Alley and had a few drinks in a divey bar that reminded us all of our college days!

We made it back to Broadway in time to watch the music note fall, bringing us into the new year!  Shortly after the countdown the skies opened up and it started pouring down rain.  After a mad dash to the parking garage, we high-tailed it back to the house.

Overall, it was a great trip and we're already looking forward to going back again!

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