Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You Won't Hear This From Me

This weekend Matt and I did a lot of traveling and I got to thinking about things that you would never ever probably never hear come out of my mouth.

1. "I just love that Carrie Underwood."
Wrong.  I'm not a fan at all.  Sure, she's got some catchy tunes, a bangin' body, but I whole heartidly disagree with her stances on PETA and animal welfare.  I won't spend my money on her music and have it eventually get into the pockets of PETA.

2. "Ice cream?  I'll pass."
This girl LOVES her some ice cream.  Matt lovingly refers to me as an "Ice Cream Slut".  It's true though, I love the stuff.!  My faves include: Moose Tracks, Cookies 'n Cream, and Mint Chip.  The only flavor I don't get twitterpated over is Butter Pecan.

3. "No thanks, I'm a vegetarian."
I was raised on a farm.  We still raise beef cattle for the purpose of eating them.  Our animals are well cared for and respected until the end.  That being said... I understand the health concerns of eating too much red meat, so Matt and I eat a variety of protein, but we will always be meat eaters.

4. "I wish there were more hunting shows on TV."
My husband loves to hunt.  It's his hobby, I get it!  I really do!  I have my own hobbies too.  But seriously, the guy fills up our DVR with so many hunting shows I could scream.  He watchs hunting shows about deer, turkey, waterfowl, coyotes, mule deer, as well as programs about how to manage habitat for said creatures.  Thankfully, he doesn't make me watch them with him... If he did, he'd be watching some Real Housewives of some God forsaken city with me, I guarantee it!

5. "I'm thinking of getting my PhD."
No freakin' way!  I'm one year away from having my M.S. and I'm so thankful it's about over.  I have enjoyed most of the work, but I'm really looking forward to the day when I don't have homework assignments due or have to commit a weeknight to online lectures.  

**I almost can't bear to even type this one because even seeing it in print grosses me out!**
Ugh.  I can't stand this word!  I don't, DON'T use it.  I don't wear them, I wear underwear!
  It even makes me gag a little when I hear other people use it in a sentence. 

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