Friday, June 6, 2014

Five on Friday v.16

Hiya everybody!  Isn't Friday just the best?!?!  This week didn't suck, but Friday is always a welcome sight no matter what.  Shockingly, we have a pretty empty calendar this weekend and I'm looking forward to some down time in the hammock or maybe even an impromptu date night with Matt?

My five things for today's Five on Friday are just a few things that either a) I'm looking forward to or b) something I'd like to accomplish this weekend.

Tickets for the National Finals Rodeo go on sale this time next week!  We're headed back to 
Las Vegas this winter.

My pal Maggie and I are taking her new horse to a show and I'll be going back to my barrel racing roots!  Although Six is enjoying his well deserved retirement I do miss 'chasin' cans'!

After spending all last weekend making food for the graduation party I have got to catch up on a few things at home like laundry, yard work and house cleaning.  Real exciting stuff.

As a reward for all the boring tasks mentioned above, I hope to spend several hours in the hammock catching some rays and reading my new book.  


Have you read The End of Your Life Book Club?  I'm finding it to be a relatively quick read that delivers a great message!

In addition to reading in the hammock this weekend, there's no doubt in my mind I'll also be doing some daydreaming about my trip out to New Jersey next month.  I'm headed out to visit some friends for a few days and spend the holiday on the water at Toms River!

With a view like this, it's cool they're Yankee fans!

What are you up to this weekend?  Are you traveling, being productive or just relaxing?


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  1. Myla,

    Hope you have a great weekend. Sometimes we just need a lazy day or two to catch up on rest and reading. Going to a horse show with a friend sounds like great fun!

    J and I will celebrate our 10 year Anniversary in September. I think we are going to go back to the NFR this winter. We have been there several times and always have fun.

    Those darn skirt work jobs that pile up. I've been doing good keeping my head above water in that area. It's rainy today, maybe I should do some baking or spiff up the house.

    I added your book to my Amazon wish list. I am reading "Funerals for Horses" by Catherine Ryan Hyde. I have read several of her books and really like her as a writer.

    J and I are attending a Wedding this weekend and catching up with friends.

  2. The laundry mountain in my home is ridiculous...theres just not enough time in the day!
    I love going to fun!!!

  3. I've never been to NFR, but it's on my bucket list!

  4. As you read I'm totally relaxing but now I'm excited for your barrel racing pics! I always wanted to do that when I was riding but never got into it! Have a fantastic weekend! xoxo

  5. Laundry, gah it's the worst! But catching up can feel great. I haven't given the End of Your Life Book Club a try yet; it may have to be one I add to my list! Found your space through the link up and am excited to "peek" around a little more :) Hope your Friday was fabulous!

  6. Hi Myla! I'd love to watch the barrel racing with you! I love to see horses compete. They just seem to love it!

    The NJ trip sounds delightful! I'm imagining waterfront time now!

    This weekend I am just relaxing. There's a church supper to cook for, but the crockpot will do that for me. So, my feet are up and the washing machine is working while I type, and it's just a nice, quiet weekend at home. :)

    Have a good one!
    Emily Grace

  7. An empty calendar is always a welcome every now and then!! Hope you're enjoying your well deserved downtime reading and in your hammock! :) :)

  8. Hope your weekend was great! :)