Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Front Porch Decor

It's a rainy, cool day here in Illinois and all I really wanted to do this morning was stay snuggled up in bed!

Unfortunately, that wasn't a reality so I'm sharing some pictures of the pretty flowers and tasty herbs I've potted up and have sitting on my porch at home.  While I don't always appreciate the rain, they sure do!

herbs in old canning pot

Potted Plants

Twig Stars and Potted Pansies

Hand Painted Wood Signs and Potted Plants

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  1. This is all serious so cute! I love the little fresh melon sign and I love all the stars! You did an amazing job! This could be in a magazine!

  2. Adorable! Send some of that weather my way. It's miserable here!

  3. But no pictures of the PURPLE DOOR?!

  4. Your front porch turned out adorable! I love all the little details and how cute and welcoming it is!!

  5. Your deck is so adorable! Love all the little artsy details and pretty flowers!

  6. Love your front porch! The summertime sign is so cute! Hoping the sunny, warm weather returns soon.. this doesn't feel very much like June!!

  7. Oh my gosh! Your porch is perfect...so welcoming and homey! Love it!

  8. Great post :)
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  9. I love your little porch vignettes! Did you make any of the items? Any special stories? :)