Monday, January 19, 2015

15 Minutes of Fame

Since we adopted Haddie she has wiggled her nub into our hearts and onto our furniture.  Not that I had any doubts that she would be good fit!  Having grown up with 'herding dogs' I was quite familiar with many of their antics and while her "Frog Dog" pose isn't something new, I still crack up when she lays on the floor all stretched out.

One morning I was working on my computer and looked over to see her all sprawled out on the dining room floor and couldn't resist the photo opp.  Obviosuly, it ended up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Duh.  Everything cute ends up on the internet!

Shortly after tweeting her picture, Milk Bone and I were conversing about how much both Bella and Haddie loved snacking on Milk Bone biscuits.

And after several private messages, these two lucky girls were getting official Milk Bone swag sent just for them!

Haddie is a big fan of the new Brushing Chews and Bella is all about the Original Biscuits...

Thanks again Milk Bone for sending the girls coupons for free biscuits and Haddie loves her new toy!


  1. That's so awesome!!! Cute puppies!!!!

  2. Oh for fun! Haddie and her "tricks" should be shared! I love her coloring; very unique.

  3. What sweet pictures!! They are good about looking at the camera. Our lab will lay completely sprawled at times.