Friday, January 9, 2015

Five on Friday

It's been more than a hot minute since I've had the opportunity to participate in a Friday link up!  I've missed everyone!  So I'm carving out some time during my lunch hour, before I head into my next meeting...  Bring on the weekend!

All you sweet Southerners are cracking me up with winter woes!  This is our current temp, but it feels like -10.  Several local schools even cancelled this week due to the bitter cold.  I think the thermostat bottomed out somewhere close to zero, but with wind chills close to -30!!

Haddie, aka The Frog Dog, is earning her keep around the house thanks to this adorable face!  More to come next week, until then just look into those eyes...

I have literally ate this muffin every morning this week!  What she lacks in the looks department she makes up for in taste and satisfaction!

These puppies showed up this week (a little late for this latest cold snap) and I'm in LOVE!  Me thinks they're going to get a LOT of use this season.  

Excited for a bit of a low-key weekend!  Other than meeting up with friends for supper tonight and lunch with my family Sunday, there's nothing on my calendar... And I'm stoked.

Happy Friday!!

Linking up with Karli, Amanda and Christina.


  1. LOVE those boots!

    Yeah... it's been in the low 30s this week, and all of Texas is freaking out. We just aren't used to these temps! ;) 9 degrees sounds absolutely dreadful.

    Sweet "frog dog". Mine does the same thing.

  2. Those boots! Love them. I'm in AZ but I snowboard so when I'm in the winter part of the state I need those and I think I must have them.

    That breakfast looks good so I just got back from check it out from your link. Yum!

  3. Girlfriend!! There is almost 100 degrees difference between your feels like -30 and my 70!! You need to come visit before you freeze over! ;)

  4. It was the same temperature here the other day. We got up to a whopping 23 degrees today I think haha. Whatever it was, it was a LOT warmer than the other day. Hoping things warm up for you soon!