Monday, January 5, 2015

The Big Reveal

I opened a lot of really great Christmas presents, but the one that was probably the most highly anticipated was from my Christmas in the Country Secret Santa!  It took a lot of restraint to wait and open on Christmas Day with all my other gifts, but I tucked it under the tree and tried not to guess who had sent it or what awesome goodies awaited me...

As it happened, Matt and I opened our presents to each other later in the evening on Christmas because we spent the day with my family back on the farm.  The Christmas in the Country gift was the last one I opened and boy, oh boy was there a haul in there!!  And I have none other than one of the sweet co-hosts of the exchange to thank, Laurie from Country Linked!

In the note included in the box, Laurie explained each item and why she thought it was something I'd love!  Not only did she take some of my suggestions from the sign-up, but she also did some digging and found a few items that I didn't even know I needed until I saw them.  She did good!

Here's the lowdown on what I received...
Handmade "Farmer's Daughter" sign from a local business
Burlap wine bag
Two sets of sparkly Christmas ornaments
Homemade cinnamon bread
Popcorn from Laurie's husband's seed company
Gardening gloves

Laurie did a fantastic job picking out things that I love!  The bread she made was so stinking good that it didn't even make it to the picture, but hands down my favorite item was the "Farmer's Daughter" sign!  I'm so excited to hang it up in my new office!

Sign from Worn Slick Sign Co.

My swap partner was Emily from Belle of Beef.  She's a college student studying animal science at Penn State University.  I sent her a cute Pennsylvania charm bracelet that I found in Las Vegas last month, along with some lavender nail polish, 31 clutch and some homemade Reindeer Chow!  I hope she enjoyed her gift as much as I enjoyed picking everything out!

Thanks so much to all the hosts (This Uncharted Rhoade, COUNTRY LINKed, Diaries from the Dirt Road and The Ranch Wife Chronicles) of the Christmas in the Country gift exchange!  You gals rock!
Cmas in the Cntry


  1. Myla,
    Thank You for participating in Christmas in the Country. It's fun to connect with women who have similar interests as we do. I also think it's neat to get locally made items from around the country. There are so many creative women in the Ag Community that send gifts they make too.

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. It was a blast! I'm so glad that I decided to participate.

  2. What a great idea!! Such fun and cute gifts!! :)

  3. Love your gifts! That sign is awesome!

    1. Laurie did so good!! And Worn Slick Sign Co. has some other really adorable signs too! I'm gawking at one with corrugated tin...

  4. YEA!! I am so glad you liked your gift! Yours was one of the easiest gifts I picked out this year. It was so fun looking locally for things I thought you would like and enjoy. I am amazed that you made it to Christmas! Last year I was able to wait a day or two, but this year I opened mine as soon as I got it. :) Emily for Belle of Beef had my name!

    Enjoy your gifts and have a wonderful 2015!

    Your Secret Santa,
    Laurie - Country Link

    1. Liked? Love!! I'm so glad that I was easy... oh, that doesn't sound good! :)

    2. Ha, Ha, Ha!!! You made it easy for me to pick out a gift for you. There, now we are both off the hook and no longer easy. ;)

  5. Oh Laurie put a lot of thought in your gift. I love the meeting of new people who all have similar but different interests.The sign is awesome. B

  6. Super fun items - I love, love, love the sign! It was such a fun project to be a part of - I can't wait for next year! Well, actually, I probably can wait as I'm kinda glad the holidays are over for now. But you know what I mean! :) Happy New Year!

    - Lara
    My Other More Exciting Self

  7. What a great gift! But of course we knew Laurie would deliver, right? :) I love that sign so much! It's so neat to see the variety of gifts that were sent and how thoughtful everyone was. Thanks for participating and sharing!

  8. The farmers daughter sign is so stinkin' adorable. Happy new year!

  9. I believe Kay and I were the only two that had each others names. One of the organizers even told me it was a mistake but no worries, everything worked out great!