Sunday, July 15, 2012


Reading: This month my book club selected The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.  I ordered it up on my Kindle this week because I've been slacking about getting my library card renewed.  I've been a real slacker at BC and haven't read the last three months worth of books due to being busy with my master coursework, vacation and pure laziness.

Watching: On Mondays Matt plays softball and sometimes I go along to cheer them on, but The Bachelorette is just about to wrap up and I'm pretty much glued to the TV during each episode.  Other than that sintilating show we like to watch HGTV's Design Star and of course re-run's of A&E's Duck Dynasty.

Working on: I've got a few programs coming up this summer at work that I'm pretty excited about.  Prairie Flower Identification and the Illinois Master Naturalist program.  The MN program will keep me busy from about August through November.  My horse, Louie, would also fall under this category!  I'm always striving to better our partnership.

Thinking about: Grad school, will it ever end? 

Anticipating: Horse shows and the fun things we've got planned for the summer... birthday parties, concerts, and trips with Matt!

Craving: Ice cream, always ice cream!  Although it doesn't necessarily go with my Weight Watcher's points...

Wishing: That there were more hours in the weekend!

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