Sunday, July 1, 2012

30 Day Shred, Day 1

I posted in my Midweek Confessions that I was going to start the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred today, July 1.  If you aren't familiar with the workout here's the quick and dirty...
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. 20 minutes.  3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of abs.  Repeated 3 times.  You can read more about it on Jillian's site.

Here are Day 1 pictures and measurements so I'll have them to compare at the end of the 30 days:

As of July 1, 2012;
Chest: 36.5 in
Hips: 38 in
Left Thigh: 23 in
Right Thigh: 22.75 in
Arms: Didn't get those... It's really ackward to measure them by yourself!

I've hit a bit of a plateau with Weight Watchers and I'm hoping this workout will kick start my losing again.  I've been doing some light running and walking in the mornings, but truth be told I've taken some time off from my 'serious' workout routine since running my last 10k.  It's been freakin' HOT and I don't want to be outside longer than I have to be and the novelty of the treadmill has worn thin!  The cardio in the video wasn't much of a problem for me, but I know it'll get more difficult as I move up through the levels.  Although, even at the beginning level some of the strength training moves towards the end were making my arms like jelly. 

Everyone have a good week and I'll try and do a half-way and final post after I complete the 30 days!

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