Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Was ist Das?

Anyone out there speak a second language fluently?  **I failed miserably at learning Spanish in HS, I took the required year of foreign language and got the heck outta there!  My grandma spoke fluent German, but sadly my only memory of her doing so was when she would sing Stille Nacht (Silent Night) in church on Christmas.  After she had pasted away my Grandpa would reminisce about the first time he met her family.... They all sat around the table and spoke in German about him while he sat there with a smile on his face not understanding a word!  How ornery, but awesome at the same time!  "Was ist das?" in German translates to "What is this?" in English and it's exactly what Matt said when he saw this sitting in our kitchen:
Can you tell from the picture?  They're green onion bulbs!  I've seen online that you can sprout new growth from the root end if you stick them back in water, as opposed to just pitching them in the trash can, and it works!!!  These green onions have been growing for about 10 tens and I've changed the water twice.  I'm pretty impressed with this little tip!  Supposedly, you can also do this with celery and even pineapples?!?  Have you tried 're-growing' any fruits or vegetables?

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