Friday, November 16, 2012


I know, I know...
I honestly thought this would be easier! :)

Day 10: I'm thankful for my little red Jetta!  It's a 5 speed diesel and I get anywhere between 41-45 miles/gallon, which blows the truck out of the water!

Day 11: I know I spoke a little bit about them earlier this month, but without our past, present and future veterans where would we be?  I'm so thankful for what they do to defend our freedoms!

Day 12:  Diet Dr. Pepper.  I try not to have pop very often, I gave it up last year for giggles and have done pretty well staying on the wagon.  But honestly, there are those days that I just need a little extra umph!

Day 13: I'm thankful that my show horse, Louie, is well taken care of at the barn I board.  The barn owner, Jody, is a gem and we've become good friends over the last year or two!

Day 14: A quiet house on Wednesday nights!  I have my online class, which I log into from home, on Wednesday and it's a huge distraction to have Matt and Bella bouncing around.  Thankfully, Matt has been working like a crazy man on his duck hunting boat which means it's just me until well after dark.

Day 15:  Farm fresh eggs!  One of my co-workers gave me a dozen eggs and I know they're going to be delicious.  Thanks Dena!

Day 16: It's Friday!  I'm so ready for the weekend!  We've got a lot going on this weekend and I'm ready to kick this work week to the curb...

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