Friday, November 9, 2012

Day Nine

Today, I'm thankful for the fact that I'm a 'farm girl'! 
I appreciate what this life has given to me, probably in more ways than I can express on the blog.  Here are just a few:

Growing up the way I did we never bought beef.  
Buying beef was for city folks.
Ours was born in the barn, fattened on grain grown in the fields and then made its way back to our freezer!  

Being a farmer's daughter wasn't always a picnic though!
There were days when I would have much rather been doing anything besides baling hay on the hottest day of summer, but today I know the value of an honest days work.  I also learned a lot about character and sincerity by watching my dad get so upset, the brink of tears, over grain prices and sick livestock.

But when life was a picnic it was pretty rockin'!
I probably wouldn't have learned to drive a truck, under Grandpa's supervision, in elementary school if we hadn't been a farm family.  I vividly remember those lessons and the time spent bonding with a man I miss incredibly! 

The good days definitely outweigh the bad and today I'm so proud to be a corn-fed, country girl with integrity, common sense and passion all learned from life on the farm!

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