Friday, May 9, 2014

Five on Friday v.14

We seem to have skipped Spring all together and jumped straight to Summer here in Central Illinois.  Just yesterday the temps topped out at 90°!  Last week I was wore a chambray shirt under a v-neck sweater and was quite content, this week I'm wearing sandals and sundresses.  Who the heck knows what next week will hold?

Matt unearthed our patio furniture from the shed this week and I'm hopeful that we will be able to enjoy most of Mother's Day outside!  Mom and Dad are heading down after church to spend the day with us and personally, I think it's going to be worth the trip.

Brianne from Lamm to the Laughter nominated me for my first Liebster Award!  I answered all of her great questions and selected four other bloggers in this post.

Just because she's so freakin' cute!

The first horse show of the season is Saturday, weather permitting...  After work Friday, I'll head to the barn and all the show prep will commence!  That includes: getting one last ride in, giving Louie a bath then banding his mane and braiding his foretop.  I will also load all my gear into the trailer, along with hay and water for Louie.  
Wish me luck!  

Oh, one last reminder to enter the Spring for Coffee Giveaway... Time's running out!
I hope you have a fan-freakin-tastic weekend!


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  1. A horseshow?! Ah take pics! I use to ride and for some reason just stopped :( That's such a great menu for the weekend, can't wait to hear about it! (and yes- 91 all of a sudden yesterday- what the heck!?) Happy weekend!! xoxo

  2. We went from winter to summer here too-- except we have the spring allergies in full force along with the heat, sooo not the most ideal, but I'm trying not to complain! Your Mother's day menu sounds delicious! I hope the weather cooperates for you guys so you can enjoy being outside! Have a great weekend!

  3. Okay so the weather did the exact same thing here in Arkansas... It was snowing in March, and then in April we were in the upper 80's. Absolutely crazy!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Myla,

    Good Luck to you and Louie! Hope you have a great day at the horse show. What classed do you compete in?
    Enjoy the opportunity to spend Mother's Day with your folks and spoil your Mom!
    What would we do without our 4-legged loved ones. I'd be so lost without my little dog.

    1. Thanks Robyn! We had a pretty good day. Louie and I compete in showmanship, hunter under saddle and western pleasure. I'll have some pictures up this week!

    2. Thanks Robyn! We had a pretty good day. Louie and I compete in showmanship, english and western pleasure. I'm hoping to get pictures up this week so check back!