Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Recap

Holy smokes.  This weekend wore. me. out. 

Friday night after work I headed to the barn to get Louie ready for our first big show of the year.  After getting him all glammed up, I loaded him in the trailer and headed to the show facility.  Matt met me there, thank goodness.  He was a huge help getting Louie settled and me all organized.

It takes a lot of 'gear' to show horses.  Saddles, bridles, blankets, show halters, grooming supplies, feed, supplements, hay... The list goes on.  And that doesn't even count the stuff for me!

Friday night after tucking Louie in the for the night, Matt and I grabbed some Mexican food.  I had a margarita to help calm my nerves!  It was tasty, but I can say that I've never met a margarita that I didn't really like.

Both Saturday and Sunday mornings I was up and at 'em at O Dark Thirty or 5 in the am!  I got my make-up and hair done before leaving the house.  One less thing to actually worry about at the horse show.  I really need to get photos of the whole process that is 'showing horses', but it's really the last thing on my mind on those mornings!  After getting myself all prepped, I drove over to the show grounds to feed Louie and start getting ready. 

Long story short... 

I was worried that he wouldn't settle in and relax at this first overnight show, but he was a trooper!  We had a great weekend!  Louie and I placed in every one of our classes.  We also earned both state and national points with the American Paint Horse Association. 

I owe a HUGE "Thank You!" to Matt, my parents, my pal Maggie (who came over and was my groom/personal attendant/gopher) and my paint horse friends for all their help and support this weekend!

Handsome Louie and I in our finery!

The exhaustion and jello legs are totally worth all the fun I had this weekend!  And I'm already counting the days until our next show... 

26 days.


  1. Myla,
    You and Louie make such a good looking pair!
    I showed cattle and sheep growing up and can understand the prep and worry that goes into getting ready for a show. Most of the time things work out for the best. Sounds like you have a wonderful support team!

    We are in the process of moving pairs to summer grass. We leave the yard on our 4-wheelers at sunlight or 5 am; at 5:01 you are late! The mornings are early as I have to have a stout cuppa joe before heading out to work.

  2. {GASP} look at all of that Paint horse CHROME! Congratulations!

    I have no idea how you put on makeup and do your hair that early in the morning, much less how you keep it clean and pretty surrounded by horses and dust. That, girlfran, is a skill.

  3. Oh my heavens he is GORGEOUS (as are you!) Way to go! Looking forward to seeing more!!

  4. He is such a pretty horse! What a great picture. Your weekend sounds exhausting :) I think I would need at least one day to recover :) Congrats on your showing!

  5. Wow, you look great in your show outfit! Louie is really beautiful! Know these are fun events for you both...