Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Daydreams

Hooray for the 'unofficial' start to Summer kicking off this weekend!  Are you excited too?!?

Matt, Bella and I are heading to my parent's farm on Saturday for Family Game Night.  Lots of family and food.  Two great things!  Sunday we will be spending on the lake with friends.  Bella will be in seventh heaven!  Plenty of people to throw her sticks to fetch, loads of snacks to beg for and at least one boat ride around the lake.  Monday's plans are still TBA, but I always like to find a Memorial Day service to pay tribute to the deceased veterans.

In honor of Summer being just around the corner here's just a taste of what I'm going to be daydreaming about during work looking forward to over the next few months!

Vacationing in Colorado
Frontier Days Rodeo
Chilling on the porch (with an adult beverage in hand)
Lady Antebellum concert
Lazy lake days
Horse shows
Tan lines
Baseball games
Winery weekends
Big birthday celebrations (mine and my dad's)

What about you?  Are you daydreaming about any of these too?  


  1. This is the first year I've ever been so ready for summer to just BE HERE ALREADY. Growing up, I always enjoyed winter and didn't really care for summer, but something about the shorter, darker, colder days really gets to me now. I'm going to enjoy as much time in the sun as possible.

  2. Yeah for fun in the sun! Have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend, Myla.

    I am going to try to have friends over for a cookout. A the pace of life it seems hard to make time to get together with friends.

    J and I are ready for a breather. If the sun keeps shining and grass/ hay keeps growing we will be haying before we know it.

    We have something on the calendar for every weekend in June. Social activities are in our future.

  3. Summer is my favorite!! I can't wait to get to make a trip to the beach and we have a trip with another couple in July that I'm REALLY looking forward to. Of course porch time with a drink in the hand is always a must :)

  4. I had to pause for a minute when I read "Frontier Days". I use to live in Cheyenne/Laramie for a bit. My parents still live there!

    <3 Jackie