Monday, May 5, 2014

Ten Favorite Things v.3

Today I'm joining up with Brianna at Endlessly Beloved for her Ten Favorite Things link up.  This months topic is travel.  I love going new places and seeing new things so I'm splitting my ten into five places I've been and loved and five places I really want to go!  If you've got any insight (must eat restaurants, exceptional hotels, or travel tips) on the five I've not been to I'd love it if you'd share them with me!

Ten Favorite Things About: Travel, the places I've loved...
one: Fort Collins, Colorado
Matt, Bella and I road tripped from our home in Illinois to Fort Collins to visit my friend Allis and her family.  I was won over by the scenery, hiking, the overall cleanliness of the town, bike paths and all. the. BREWERIES!  I'd give just about anything for an Odell Easy Street Wheat right about now!!  I'm headed back to visit again in July and can't wait!

two: Disneyland and Disney California Adventure
I felt like such a kid exploring all things Disney when I went to California this winter to visit friends.  And if it's okay to be a big kid anywhere, I'd guess Disney would be that place! 

three: Europe.  Specifically Germany and France.
My friend Kira lived in German several years ago and I had the opportunity to visit her.  We had a lot of fun traipsing around Europe!  I fell head over heels for Polish pottery, spätzle and French champagne.

four: San Juan, Puerto Rico 
I still get warm fuzzies when I think about my recent trip to San Juan!  It was such a wonderful time filled with sun, sand, drinks and amazing food!  I'd head back in a heartbeat...

five: Savannah, Georgia
I've been to Savannah on two occasions (once for St. Patrick's Day and once just for giggles) and would be up for another trip.  Who wants to go?  Things I love to do: stroll the cobblestone streets down by the water, drive out to Tybee and hit up Jen's and Friends for Happy Hour!

And the places I know I'd love...
six: Santorini, Greece
I've been dropping not so subtle hints to Matt that I REALLY want to go here in the near future and he's been purposely ignoring me!  Santorini looks incredibly beautiful in every. single. photo I've ever seen and I really want to experience it in real life! 

seven: Texas
Austin.  Dallas/Fort Worth.  Houston.  Amen. 

eight: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
WWOHP or bust.  I can't tell you how many times I re-read this series of books or seen the movies.  I'm DESPERATE to experience everything that this attraction at Universal has to offer!  Too bad I can't apparate and just be there!

nine: Napa Valley, California
Wine country.  Need I say more?

ten: Scotland
My ancestors on my Dad's side are originally from Scotland and the family castle, Foulis Castle is still standing and available for touring.  It would be so neat to fly over and check out some of my family history!


  1. WE MUST GO TO SCOTLAND TOGETHER! I got my husband a gift subscription to for our first anniversary and we found out that Lamm is the time-altered English translation of Glamis, a la Castle Glamis. And it's open for tours, too!

  2. Take me to Savannah! I have always wanted to go for St Patty's. I think it would be fun. I've never been to Disney World. It is definitely on my list. Texas? I'm moving there, so if you head there let me know. We can hang! Haha! Jealous of your trip to Europe. I am supposed to be heading to Russia in a couple of weeks Obviously we cancelled our trip with everything going on. Bummer.

    You sound like a seasoned traveler! Love your pics!

  3. This is a great list. Greece is actually my dream vacation!

  4. Great list! We just had friends move to Denver, and I excited to go visit and try some new breweries! I adore Savannah...P and I have been talking about taking a there forever. I've been several times but we have not been together.

  5. Love Savannah, GA too! The food is incredible and it's such a cute city. I've heard the St Patrick's party is a huge event every year so I'd like to check it out one year.

  6. Isn't Fort Collins cute?? Colorado is awesome. I love the idea of places you have loved and places you would love!

  7. Great list! And Greece is on my bucket list. I'd love to go one day!

  8. Greece is amazing! I highly recommend it! I would looove to go the Harry Potter world!! Great places!

  9. I love your take on the Ten Favorite Things Theme. I am going to write my own list of favorite travel destinations.

  10. Love what you did there! Isn't Germany amazing?! I love it there! I would love to go to Napa Valley too! Road trip…!! Thank you for linking up! :):)

  11. I did France but never been to Germany- Italy was probably my fav! :)

  12. Great travel list. I thoroughly recommend Santorini, it is drop dead beautiful. Fingers crossed you get to all of our wish list soon.
    Claire xx | somewhere... beyond the sea

  13. The HP world is so worth it - but wait til after June to go so the new ride will be open!

  14. Savannah and Tybee are some of my fave places too!!!