Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Celebrating National Ag Day

As part of National Ag Week, I'm doing radio and television spots in our local media to spread the message about how our lives are impacted daily by agriculture.  This morning I'm appearing on an hour long program to talk about National Ag Day, which is TODAY, the Ag in the Classroom program and also how farmers are gearing up for the Spring planting season. 

These media bits are just a small part of the deal though!  Last week I worked with our local community college to get fun, fact-based information printed and distributed to each 3rd grade teacher and administrator in our county.

In addition to the flyer, they also received some really cool AgMags that tell about all different aspects of agriculture and commodities (pumpkins, soybeans, dairy, soil, energy, etc.) that are kid-friendly and can be used in classrooms to teach math, science and language arts!


  1. Great job promoting ag! That is awesome!

  2. Great job reaching our youth and educating them about where food comes from in a fun way.