Friday, March 13, 2015

Two in a Row, Whoa!

Watch out world!  Okay, maybe not the world... but you get the idea.

I'm breaking off the rust and getting back in the blogging game.  I've missed all my Friday link-up pals and if it wasn't for Instagram, y'all may have thought I fell of the planet! 

ONE, Life Updates
I really do have a good reason for it being so quiet on the home front.  Work has been cray cray, lots of exciting things coming up from fundraisers to summer workshops for teachers.  Throw in coordinating a golf scramble!  Have I ever mentioned that I know little to nothing about golf?  In addition to work, there's all the fun stuff that's going on personally!  We are redoing some flooring in the house, horse show season is kicking off soon and I'm hosting my sister-in-law's baby shower.  Making all the decor for the shower has been such a blast!  Last weekend I cut and sewed napkins from some scrap fabric.  I love the vintage pieces!

TWO, New Boots
Picky.  Picky is the best word to describe how I am when it comes to buying new cowboy boots.  It takes me to find a pair that hits all the requirements.  And the requirements are typically a mile long.  It's because I'm a purist when it comes to my boots!  Hearts, wings, peace signs, crosses...need not apply.  I've been looking for a pair of classic, not plain, black boots for over a year and I FINALLY found a pair that fit all my requirements.  And they were on sale!
They're Justin's for inquiring minds.

THREE, The Easter Bunny
So Miss Haddie may have killed the Easter Bunny!  Oopsies.  Okay, it may not be the actual Easter Bunny, but doesn't little miss look awfully proud of her recent slaying?  

FOUR, Leadership Skills
While being told I'm "bossy" doesn't really bother me, I think "leadership skills" sounds much nicer!

FIVE, The Underdog
 Aaron Watson's newest CD, The Underdog, has been on repeat since I bought it the day it was released!  I love his traditional country sound and the messages in each of his songs.  I mean, you can't write and sing a song about the death of your child without tugging on a few heart strings!  Do yourself a favor and give it a listen!


  1. Eeeeks about the bunny!!! That would definitely not be how I wanted to be greeted by my dog haha. Oh dear!
    Hopefully things will slow down for you in a bit! Love your new boots!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I would freak out if my dog killed a rabbit! I love your new boots! So pretty. Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  3. I have to comment on this because as I was reading your post I was scrolling through instagram and an account (girlorganized) literally posted that same Sandberg quote! So crazy! It sounds like you've had a ton going on lately-- but good things! The napkins your sewing will be such a special touch for the shower.

  4. Yay for finding boots!!! They look fab - love the double stitching. Have a super weekend!