Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Crazy for Corn

Let's pretend you and I are driving down a straight, flat country road in rural Illinois.  The windows are down and we've got the radio up.  On both sides of the road there is something tall and green growing in the fields.

You ask "Is that the corn you eat off the cob? Or is it best popped and covered in butter?"

A smile slowly crosses my face and I turn to you and say "Neither."

The majority of corn that you would see in my next of the woods is called Field Corn.  This type of corn is used to feed animals and make products like sandpaper, medicine and ethanol.  

Four other common types of corn would be:

Indian Corn which is primarily used for crafting and decorating.  The dried kernels can also be ground up to make corn meal.

Broom Corn is a type of sorghum use for making brooms and whiskbrooms.

Popcorn, delicious popcorn.  The tiny droplet of water inside of a popcorn kernel is heated and when the pressure finally reaches a breaking point it POPS!  When it does pop, the kernel actually turns itself inside out and we have ourselves a tasty treat.

Sweet Corn is known for it's high sugar content and is enjoyed all summer long from farmer's markets, road-side stands or right out of the garden!

Just a few "corny" facts before you go...

Illinois farmers rank 2nd in the country for corn production!
More than 95% of all corn grown in the US is grown on family farms.
Over 12,000,000 acres of field corn is planted each year in Illinois and produces approximately 2 billion bushels.
One bushel of corn weighs 56 pounds.



  1. Who knew there were so many different types of corn?! Fresh sweet corn in the summer is the best!!