Friday, March 20, 2015

Five Faves

To round out National Ag Week, I wanted to highlight five of my personal favorite agricultural products and link up with some of my favorite Friday characters!

Wine, sweet wine!  Actually I'm a dry wine kinda girl, but "wine, sweet wine" rolls off the tongue a little easier.  Anywho.  Without vitaculture, which is the science, production and study of grapes wines aren't nearly as tasty!  Wineries are becoming one of the largest and most visited Agri-Tourism locations here in Illinois.  All you wine drinkers out there, remember to #thankafarmer!

Meat eater's unite.  Having grown up on a farm that raised cattle to put food on our table, as well as others in our community, I know first hand the respect that farmers have for the animals they care for and raise.  It's a luxury that I'm able to go to our freezer and pick out a package of steaks or a pound of hamburger and have no concerns about what we're eating for supper that night.  Don't forget to #thankafarmer the next time you're standing at the meat counter or grabbing a quick burger at your local pub and grub!

If you're not aware of my obsession with all things 'fall', you can bring yourself up to speed with a few past posts (here, here, here).  It's true!  From harvest to bonfires and everything in between I'm a fan, pumpkins and gourds are some of may favorite ways to decorate our house!  But someone is growing and tending all the mums, gourds and pumpkins that adorn my house each year... #thankafarmer

Who remembers their first sip of beer?  Where you a little kiddo sitting next to grandpa on the swing on a warm July day or maybe it was a stealthy swig at your first college house party?  Mine was somewhere in between.  I've wised up since college and prefer (and can easily afford) "good" beer.  Matt and I both enjoy a good round of craft beer, but without barley, hops and wheat we'd be sunk.  Beer drinkers, #thankafarmer before your next swig!

From my head down to my legs, I love eggs!  Just about anyway you can eat 'em... over-easy, hard-boiled, poached, I love 'em.  When I can get them from the 4-Her down the road, farm-fresh are my go-to and I buy them from her two dozen at a time.  Although I've broached the idea of getting our own chickens, to which I was shot down... I support and always #thankafarmer for my eggs whether they come from the store or just down the road.

What are some of your favorite agricultural products?


  1. Mmmmm yummy wine! I love Spring and Summer weather--it's perfect for a cool glass of white wine, sitting on the deck, enjoying the breeze! You have me dreaming right now because it's currently 35 with snow flurries lol.
    Have a great weekend girl!

  2. I love this post, Myla! Way to be creative and promote ag.

    I'm not huge wine fan, I like it every once in a while. I am a big meat eater and love my farm fresh eggs. I like my hens too. J says when the chicken coop falls in I am done with hens. I told him 1 week of eating store eggs will change his mind. With these spring like temperatures gardening is on my mind. I know it's too early to think about planting in our area. Pumpkins are going to be added to the garden this year.

    Have a fabulous weekend, my friend!

  3. Stopping by from the link up... love this post and the reminder to thank a farmer for most things that people sometimes take for granted!!

    Have a great weekend :)

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  4. So lucky that you get such fresh eggs! Amazing! I love them any way I can get them too :)

  5. Absolutely love all of this - such a cool (and meaningful) passion and profession!! And you knowwww that I love your love for fall!! :) :)