Monday, March 16, 2015

National Ag Week

Listen up y'all!
National Ag Day will be celebrated this year on Wednesday, March 18.  How many of you are asking: Why does this affect me?

Here's the scoop...

As Americans, it's important for us to know the value that agriculture has in our daily lives.  In celebrating agriculture (everyday, not just on National Ag Day), I hope you are increasing your knowledge of ag and how it pertains to nutrition and where your food comes from. 

You will also learn about the wide range of careers that are involved in agriculture!  These careers aren't just 'farmers' either.  Maybe all you've seen of a farming and ag was introduced to you by this season of The Bachelor, but even Chris Soules works with a seed salesman, an agronomist, implement dealer, banker, accountant and you can't forget a veterinarian and nutritionist for all those hogs they raise!  I'll let you in on a little secret... careers in agriculture are plentiful, just like the crops farmers raise!

Hopefully, you're aware that the food we eat and the fibers we wear don't just happen!  There are farmers and ranchers who are growing these products, whether they be grains or animals, and thereby providing us with a safe food supply and great options for cute clothes. 

And hello!  Who doesn't want cute clothes?!  

Last year I wrote about where your food comes from, how you'd be hungry and naked without agriculture and one misperception that drives me batty!  If you're new here, you should check them out too! 

I rely on agriculture on a daily basis whether it be the beef in my freezer or the 100% cotton (more on this later in the week) cardigan I've got on today!  If you think about it, even for a minute, you do too! 

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