Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hungry and Naked

Hey y'all! 

Remember how I said that I was going to post all week in honor of National Ag Week?!? Yes?  Okay good, as long as we're all still on the same page! 

I got a lot of great comments and support on my post yesterday about how I helped educate kids about agriculture and the food they eat.  Thanks to all of you!  If you couldn't tell, agriculture education is something I'm still very passionate about!  And I don't just believe in educating youth either, there are adults who could use a reminder about how farmers and ranchers feed all of us! 

In addition to AITC my sorority Sigma Alpha, a professional agriculture sorority, was also active in bringing agricultural awareness to the university.  Sidenote: Yes, my sorority was of the professional variety, but that didn't mean we were a bunch of stiffs!  One way that we chose to help spread the message was with a t-shirt campaign.  As a chapter we designed a t-shirt that was cute, funny and was on point with letting people know exactly where they'd be without agriculture! 

To be clear, without agriculture you'd be hungry and naked!

I just love the little pig's face!!

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  1. My family would adore you! We farm and have tons of cows as well! Gotta love knowing where your food came from! :)