Monday, March 17, 2014

Makeover Monday

This Monday makeover won't be a post broadcasting some awesome cut and color I got over the weekend.  It's not even a cool piece of furniture that got spruced up thanks to a coat of paint.  It is about the Paint in my life... Louie!

I was out at the barn Friday and I just couldn't bare to look at the long, shaggy hair that had taken up residence on his beautiful face thanks to this wicked winter!  I've un-affectionately dubbed it his 'goat hair'.  See it there?  The long string hairs that are growing under his chin and jaw?  Gag. 

So what's a gal to do?  Go after him with a comb and scissor?  Um, no way!  It would take me hours.

Being a resourceful farm girl, I broke out the power tools!  Every horsewomen should have a pair of good clippers for occasions like this one.  After powering up the clippers, I proceeded to shear as much hair off his face as possible.  He kept giving me these goofy looks and I imagine if he could actually speak for himself he'd say, 'Is this really necessary?'  'I'm a boy horse, you know that right!?!'  'Facial hair is sexy.'  'What if all the guys laugh at me?'

Despite Louie's skepticism, I kept after it and even though we're a far cry from being ready to enter the show pen, I think he looks much better all trimmed up!

Ignore the long and fuzzy body hair, Mother Nature isn't fighting fair.

And if I don't say so myself, I did a fine job!  I'll never understand why Matt won't let me cut his hair?!? 

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