Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday v.6

This week quite a few of my friends shared an entertaining web link, 30 Signs You Grew Up on a Farm or Ranch, on Facebook.  So many of these are true for me, but I want to highlight five of my most favorite for today's Five on Friday post!

 Your front door was always unlocked...even if your entire family was on vacation. And the keys to your car or truck were always in the ignition.

We NEVER locked our door growing up on the farm!  Seriously.  I know some people can't fathom this, but it just wasn't necessary.  Between farm dogs and neighbors, you didn't worry about people actually getting out of their car or you knew someone would stop and see why a stranger was poking around. 

 You fear hearing the words, "Cows are out."

Ugh.  Seriously, it didn't matter if this was at the crack of dawn or as you were just getting out of the shower, everyone threw on a pair of boots and headed out the back door to lend a hand! 

 You could drive a tractor before you could drive a car. And you drove a car before you ever attended a driver's education class.

I was sitting on my dad's lap driving our John Deere tractors (See #4 on the list.) around the farm long before I could actually reach the pedals.  Then at about 10 or 11, my grandpa had me driving him to town for errands.  More than once, someone would see us tooling around and call my mom to tell on us!  Busted.

 When you went to college you learned other kids had more students in their home room than you had in your entire school. And you didn't know what a home room was.

I've mentioned it before, but I only had 12 people in my graduating class and 60 students enrolled in the whole high school.  Yes, it was a public school!  So no, we didn't have home room.

The county fair was considered the social event of the year.

The third week in July was sacred growing up!  For most farm families, the fair was our only vacation.  Not only did it give the kids a chance to exhibit our 4-H projects, but we were able to run amuck with friends that any other week would be spread out all over the county.  Good times were always had and the memories we made are often reminisced about!


  1. Love this! All are true for me too! I won't lie there was definitely a time in driver's ed when I was out driving with the teacher, we went by my house & the pigs were out, & I may or may not have jumped out to help my Dad! Haha

    I loved fair week! I still miss it to this day! 10 years in 4-H definitely helped mold me into who I am today.

  2. hahahaha this is SO MY FAMILY (some of them even still apply to this day) Great post!!

  3. love this ;) I didn't grow up on a farm, although we have a lot of land, and our neighbors were farmers... so we kids would climb through the barbed wire fence and go frolic ;) illegally, of course.

    have a great weekend, love!

  4. Myla,

    I can relate to your list too.

    I'm 33 and still don't like to hear "the cows are out!"

    Dad didn't let us drive tractors when we were young. He worked 10 years for a registered Angus outfit. They had a young Grandson roll a tractor in a tragic accident. The Dad was injured in the accident and survived. My Husband often wishes I knew more about tractors, but I'm learning.

    As a Freshman and Sophomore in High School I have 350 kids in my class, yes we had homeroom. We moved and I graduated with a class of 34.

    Lots of memories via the County Fair.

  5. Oh my goodness. I don't even think I'm that much of a farm girl, but 1) I have relatives who still leave their house unlocked and the keys in their cars in the driveway. 2) I remember the cows getting out 3) I could drive a John Deere from a very young age and I drove a pickup truck when I was about 10, but not on the roads, just pulling a wagon while my uncles picked up bales. 4) I was homeschooled: 7 students in my school! 5) Yep, the county fair is the event of the season. Also, the steam and gas engine show is pretty big stuff around here. :)

    This is crazy. I guess I'm more of a farmer girl than I thought... :)

  6. Yep to all 5! I grew up on a dairy farm. These are too funny!

    1. The author of the article really did a great job summing up what it's really like to be raised on a farm/ranch!