Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday v.7

Oh happy, happy day!

It's Friday.  Thank the good Lord! This week has been a struggle. I've had to drag myself out of bed every morning and in the evening I'm asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I haven't even had a meal planned out more than a few hours in advance.  This coming from a girl who typically has at least a week, sometimes 10 days worth of meals planned out ahead of time!!  Saturday morning I'm really looking forward to sleeping in and having a lazy, relaxing day, but Sunday I'm excited to hit up the grocery store and watch some NASCAR.  You're not surprised I'm a NASCAR fan, right?!?  Okay, back to the task at hand, does grocery shopping excite anyone else?  I really enjoy it!  For me it's a challenge.

Finding bargains and trying to shop the perimeter of the store, you know where the healthy stuff is! I feel like I really have my sheet together when my cart is full of fresh produce that I know I'm going to turn into something yummy!

Since it's Friday, I thought I'd share five tasty recipes that Matt and I have enjoyed recently for my 5 on Friday link up!

  I wasn't raised eating fish, I grew up on a cattle farm, okay?!?  Learning to cook and eat fish is something I've really tried to do as an adult and with recipes like this one, it's an easy sell!  Matt and I both really, really like this recipe and we make it once or twice a month!  I've even made it using almond flour to keep in Paleo!  We actually had it for supper last night with a side salad and sugar snap peas.

 Let the infatuation with kale begin!  This sausage, potato and kale soup seriously got me through some cold winter nights over the last few months.  It's very easy to throw together and tastes amazing!  I omit the heavy cream, but adding it in would just create a wonderful velvety texture.

Roasted Kale
 See, more kale?!?!  I have serious love for this recipe!  It's great roasted, but I have to stop myself from eating it raw once it's all seasoned up because it's good that way too!
 Last kale recipe, I promise!  But you'll see another sweet potato recipe follows this one...  
Hi, I'm Myla and I have a slight obsession with kale and sweet potatoes.
I super big, puffy heart LOVE this creation!  It's Paleo and Whole30 approved, but throw that out the freakin' window and just eat it because it's SO AMAZING!!  

How many of you are fans of Gina at Skinny Taste?  I think she rocks.  This chili is a winner!  And it's got sweet potatoes in it which means I'm sold!

Aside from kale and sweet tators, we're also really into brussels sprouts and plantains!  Okay, so spill!  Do you have a current food obsession?  

Have a safe and happy weekend!  Cheers!


  1. I bought a bunch of kale for less than a dollar the other day so these are great!

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  2. Hello from the link up! I'm a fellow Skinnytaste fan. Always so much deliciousness to be found there! Hope you enjoy a lovely weekend, & can get some much needed rest too :)

  3. Myla,
    I like to grocery shop too. It was one of the first "grown up" responsibilities Mom have Sister and I. You have all your meals planned 10 days out? Wow! I try to know what I am making for dinner tomorrow and the next day, if I'm lucky. I like to have an idea what J has in mind for the day so I know how much time I have. Some days it's really nice to come into a crock pot meal or something slow cooked in the oven. I try to do as much prep work before morning chores as I can. We do have a those days that we come in afternoon and dig out the makings for a ham sandwich.

    I have never eaten kale before. The sausage, potato and kale soup looks yummy. I love sausage. I'm a Brussels sprouts fan too!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Myla.

    1. Hey Robyn! Thanks for stopping in to say hi! I 'try' to have our meals planned out that far, but that doesn't always mean they come to fruition... Inevitably, there's a wrench thrown in the plans somewhere! You should definitely pick up some kale and give it a try. I had some this morning for breakfast with my egg, yum!

  4. Skinny taste is my go to website for recipes!

    1. She shares some wonderful healthy recipes and the bonus is they actually taste good too!