Thursday, March 13, 2014

That Gal's A Tease

Mother Nature can keep teasing us with her sporadic 60° days and then shower us with more snow and cold temps, but I know Spring is coming! Want to know what's got me clued in???

My winter gloves are covered with horse hair after giving Louie some rubbins in the barn.

The shedding blade in my grooming tote has been working overtime to remove all the hair that Louie has been shedding due to the longer daylight hours.

It also works really great for those days when he comes in from the pasture covered in dry, crusty mud!  Doesn't Louie look ashamed of himself?

There's also the piles of horse hair in the grooming area the size of cats.

Oh and last, but not least I can't keep the horse hair outta my lip gloss!

So Mother Nature can keep fluctuating the temperatures, giving us 60° one day and 32° the next, but she can't fool me or my horse!  Spring is on the way!!  

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