Thursday, March 20, 2014

Braggin' Rights Bracket

Let me preface this post with I don't even watch college basketball, but any chance to win something I'm all over!  Competitive much?  Why yes, yes I am.

March isn't just about St. Patrick's Day and Spring Break.  March also brings with it the NCAA men's basketball tournament, which means almost everyone is filling out a bracket and choosing a winner! 

Now there are some people who scrutinize over their picks, while others choose winners based on team colors or mascots!  I typically let a team's win/lose record lead me to picking my champion, but I also know there will be upsets.  Upsets you don't see coming!  So just picking the higher seed isn't always the best call.

This year, Matt and I have decided to place a little wager on who has the better bracket.  Competing with your husband is healthy, right?!?!  The winner get's a whole year of braggin' rights.  And the loser gets to buy the winner supper at our favorite Mexican restaurant and has to put away a weeks worth of clean laundry.

If you couldn't guess just by reading those, Matt came up with the Mexican part and I was the laundry.  Why?  Because he has absolutely no clue where my clean laundry goes.  None.  He will leave piles of my clothes sitting on the bed rather than put it away.  Bless him for getting the laundry clean and folded, but come on guy!  I know where you're stuff 'lives'...  I'm hoping for sweet, sweet redemption!

Have you filled out your bracket yet?  Who do you think is going to win The Big Dance?  I'm pulling for the Louisville Cardinals and a back-to-back championship!

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  1. I definitely do not follow any of this but like you fill out a bracket for fun but I'm legitimately cheering for Wichita State- Drew got his master's there so we are a GO SHOCK GO household lol!