Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ag Chat: The Next Crop Project

How many of you are familiar with the Ram truck/Paul Harvey "So God mad a farmer..." commercial that debuted at the 2012 Super Bowl?  If by chance you haven't seen it take a moment and watch the clip below.

This video brings me to tears each time I watch it!  The words coupled with the images used, it really is a wonderful tribute to the American farmer!

Ram has now taken their dedication to farmers one step further and are partnering with the National FFA Organization to help impact young people who will be the next generation of farmers or want to pursue a career in agriculture.  On Saturday, April 25 at participating dealerships you can test drive a Ram truck and a $20 donation will be made to the FFA in support of local chapters!

As a product of FFA, as well as 4-H, I'm very passionate about the amazing things that this organization does for young people.  And it's so much more than teaching them how to be farmers!  Looking back, I know now that FFA taught me leadership skills, instilled a sense of confidence that wasn't there before and positively impacted my character, all while I was having fun competing at contests and meeting new people with the same interests!

Check out the Ram website to find the nearest participating dealership to you and take some time out of your Saturday to test drive a truck for this great cause!!


  1. This post makes me heart happy. I cry too every time I see the "God made a farmer" commercial. I actually called my dad last night & sure enough he was in the field driving a tractor! I look back at my childhood & I'm so lucky to have had FFA & 4-H in my life. I know I will never live on a farm again so I've already told my parents that every summer my kids are being shipped off to their house & they're going to learn about the farm life! So many wonderful life lessons & wonderful values can be learned growing up on a farm.

  2. I don't know where I would be or who I would be if it had not been for 4-H and FFA. So many things learned and so many friendships. Have fun on your test drive!