Thursday, April 3, 2014

Oh Boy

This graphic cracks me up!  I know that when I'm speaking to other women I can describe the color yellow by saying 'butter' or 'lemon', but to Matt that's just yellow.  I've learned the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) method is by far the best way to go about talking about colors to most men!  This morning at home was no different, but it still didn't go my way.  Let me set the scene...

I was in the kitchen eating my breakfast and Matt was getting ready to leave for work.  He went to grab his coat out of the closet so he could head out.

Myla: "Would you grab my blue jacket while you're in there?"

Matt: "Sure."
Myla: "Thank you."  Hears the closet door open.
Matt: "You mean the purple one?"
Myla: "Um, no.  The blue one."
Matt: "I don't see a blue one.  There's a purple one."
Myla: Heavy sigh.  "Okay, it could be hanging on the back of my door at work?  Wait, does this purple coat have a stand-up collar and a flower pin?"
Matt: "Yes."
Myla:  Rolls eyes and shakes head.  "That's the one I want..." 

On the upside he did come out with a coat for me to wear because there's been instances when he forgets the one thing I ask for.  So I should chalk up it as a win.

Surely this has happened to other women, right?!?  I can't be the only one.


  1. Haha I love the picture! I can totally relate! My fiance and I have had the color debate more than once :-)

  2. Definitely can relate, and not just with my husband. My FIL recently had eye surgery and realized he was seeing everything in kind of a sepia tone! His favorite color is no longer his favorite color.