Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Basket Wishes

This Sunday I will be headed home to my parents with Bella to celebrate Easter.  Our plans include church and then a nice dinner.  Mom is making ham and baked sweet potatoes and I'm contributing our home canned green beans, a lettuce salad with all the fixin's and I'll probably make something for dessert as well!  Matt has turkey tags for this weekend and will head down to southern Illinois Friday afternoon.  Fingers-crossed he shoots something Saturday and will make it to my parents in time for the festivities on Sunday morning! 

And just in case anyone (cough cough... my husband or my mom) wanted to know here are a few things that I'd love to see the Easter Bunny deliver to the farm while we're at church Sunday morning!   On second thought, I might need something bigger than a basket...

Shirt, Nail Polish, Earrings, Lipstick, Watch, Tumbler, Spiral Slicer

What are you hopping, er... hoping will be in your Easter basket? 


  1. I definitely miss getting an Easter basket-- though ours was always just candy-- which I had no complaints about haha

    I love those earrings and I looove white chocolate so those reese's look delicious!

  2. Ooh! That spiral slicer looks fun and I'm dying for a gingham shirt this spring! Hope you have a happy Easter. :)

  3. Happy Easter, Myla! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and the Easter Bunny finds something to share with you.