Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

Hola friends!

I'm joining in and participating in my first ever Five on Friday link up.  I've read Carolina Charm for a while now, but since I'm trying to consistantly blog and grow an audience I thought I'd pony up and do it!

1-I have been cooking and eating Paleo for a few months now.  It's not been easy, but it is far from the hardest thing I've ever done.  I fell off the wagon a bit over Christmas and New Years, but Stupid Easy Paleo put out a challenge to 'detox' for 30 days using the Whole30 program.  So far so good.  Matt is even doing his best to follow along!  This weekend will be a test of my resolve and determination though! Which bringing me to number two...

2-Saturday and Sunday I'm spending with some gal pals from work.  The plan is to eat and drink our way through some cozy, quaint and delicious wineries and restaurants around Peoria, IL.  All the food and drinks will be paired with some shopping, of course!  I've already scoped out the menu's for the restaurants and figured out what I can have easily modified to stay on track with the Whole30 program.  The gals also know my weekend intention of 'being good' and that because I'm not drinking in NO WAY means I'm pregnant!!

3-With all the snow and negative degree windchill's we've experienced here in Central Illinois, my work week has been all outta whack!  I should have went back to work on Monday, after two glorious weeks off for the holidays, but I didn't have to report in until Wednesday.  Most of our days we're spent lounging around, but I did get some cleaning and organizing accomplished.  Bella really made the most out of our time at home!

4-After a holiday hiatus, my book club got coordinated this week and selected 'The Book Thief' as our next read.  We missed the movie release, but I'm hopeful the DVD won't take too long to come out!

5-Matt and I were starting to go stir-crazy shut up in the house with the snow, so he decided to build me some shelves in our basement.  I have lots of holiday and seasonal decor, plus a good amount of extra home decor for when I get bored with what is out upstairs.  All that, coupled with the kitchen gadgets and party supplies, the ONE shelving system was a big mess.  The new shelves have been designated to hold just kitchen overflow (extra slow cookers and thermos') and anything we may use for entertaining (cupcake stands and drink dispensers).  Which make it way easier to see what I have when I need it!

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  1. Stopping by from the link up! Life has been out of whack here in Michigan as well due to the weather! After two days of being stuck in the house I was totally stir crazy as well! Hope you have a nice weekend with your girlfriends! :)