Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Midweek Confess Sesh

I don't really like the term best friend

I tend to use it regularly, but always feel icky when I do. 

To be described as someone's best friend is very special.  It's a term of endearment, but how many people can really be classified as your best friend???  Can you have more than one?  Who get's to decide?  Me, I guess?

It can get super confusing, probably more so in my head than anywhere! 

I've developed  relationships and remained close with several people throughout my life and would consider them my best friends.  Yes, plural.

These friends are from way back, think high school... not so long ago, can we pretend I didn't graduate college in 2006... and now.  

These best friends are the ones who:
you're able pick up right where you left off no matter the time apart
it's just easy to be around
you call and make supper plans with when you don't want to cook
can read your mind when you're people watching
tell you like it is
will totally 'get' the hysterical, sappy, bitchy, sappy or sarcastic e-card you're sure they made just for the two of you

Okay, so do you have just one best friend or multiples?  Do they know about each other?  Does it get awkward when your talking about one to another?


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