Sunday, January 5, 2014

Negative WHAT?!?

The three of us here at The Purple Front Door are all snugged up under blankets, watching movies and doing some baking to try and offset Winter Storm Ion that is raging across most of Illinois today.  Since Friday all the news outlets have been talking about all the snow, wind and life threatening temperatures we are going to experience from this latest weather system. 

Currently, TWC is still saying we could get anywhere from 6-9 inches of snow today.  Many of the local churches cancelled services this morning and I've already heard of several schools that have called off school for Monday.  It's not so much the snow that everyone is worried about but the frigid temperatures...  It's been forecasted that with the wind chill it's going to feel like -45F!!  BRRRR! 

In addition to the wind chill advisory, here on the plains of Illinois we have to deal with 'blowing and drifting snow'.  Basically all the roadside ditches fill up with snow and cause roads to drift shut.  Then the blowing snow makes for hazardous conditions because no one can see where the roads should be!   It's super fun!  Let me tell you....

I'm thankful that Louie and the other horses and cows at my parents house are tucked safely inside out of the storm.  I'm also very glad that I hit up the grocery store yesterday morning, when there wasn't a run on bread and milk!  Speaking of that, have you seen this video yet?


  1. found your blog through the five on friday link up! Isn't the blowing and drifting snow crazy?! I recently moved to Illinois, and I am amazed at how the snow falls and blows. crazy! it's a great excuse for staying inside though, that's for sure! it was crazy when a few days ago the real feel temperature was like -50 here. crazy. I hope you are staying warm and safe!

    1. Congrats on your move! I hope you got settled in before this wonderful, snowy welcome! Thanks for stopping by and visiting.