Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Vintage Treasure

This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend some 'down time' with some of my favorite co-workers.  We'd decided a few months back that the four of us were going to get together and go explore Peoria and some of it's surrounding communities.  Saturday morning the four of us headed to Delavan to a local antique shop.  My cousin (who's also a co-worker) has been there in the past and said it was more of junk shop, which we were all fine with.  We're all junkers, crafters, thrift store shoppers and bargain hunters, meaning we'd definitely find something that we all couldn't possibly leave with out!!

I wish I'd taken photos of the actual store, but I was really worried about successfully navigating the booths and aisles without knocking something 'valuable' off.  I'm telling you it was packed in there.  Anyway, the building was huge!  The variety of items for sale was incredibly eclectic too!  It was a dark, cramped, sorta smelly paradise...

It was after successfully covering the first floor that I happened upon a treasure upstairs!  I was at the end of one hallway and it was at the other.  Ignoring all the booths between us and hot-footed it down for a closer inspection...

On the dress form was a long sleeve, cowl-neck creation in pink paisley with pops of blue and yellow.  I initially just stood there gazing at it.  I did unzip the back and look for a size, but was unlucky in that department.  Thankfully though, the dress form was adjustable and the measurements seemed to be close to mine.  With that, I stripped the dress form and threw the dress on over the top of my sweater and jeans!!  My friend Diana wasn't too far away from me at this point so I motioned her over and had her act as my mirror.  I love the vintage patterns and styles that are in right now and I wasn't sure I could pass this dress up!

I asked her, "Am I crazy to think this is cute?"

We both decided that it was totally adorable, fit me well and was worth spending a whopping $7.00 on!

When I got home Sunday afternoon, I tried the dress on and was so happy with my purchase!! 

Upon further inspection, I noticed several tags just inside the collar.  The dress was made by Andrea Gayle, which was a clothing line from the 1970's.  In addition, it also has a small tag with the logo for the 'International Ladies' Garment Worker's Union'.  This union, founded in the 1900 was one of the very first US unions to have a majority of it's members of the female persuasion.

With that, I'll wrap up today's history lesson and me gushing about my 'old' dress!

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