Friday, January 31, 2014

It's That Time Again... 5 on Friday!!

Give me an "Amen" if you're glad it's Friday!!  Hallelujah!

I can't lie and say I've had a stressful week, but I'm just so ready for another great weekend!

Putting in a full 5 day work week is tough, especially after being closed down because of the weather again last week.  Thankfully, I've made it and brought me to another 5 on Friday with Natasha, Christina, April and Darci

One of my favorite agvocates, who also can rock a great lipstick and some J. Crew, Crystal Cattle co-hosted a 'Beauty Swap' last week.  She paired up women from across the country, we spent some time getting to know one another and then you're supposed to send your partner a box of goodies!  I'll post more about what beauty products I sent and received next month!

In effort to put together a great 'Beauty Swap' box, I did some research and knew I wanted to make a trip to Ulta. Not having been before, (I swear I don't really live under a rock) I scoped out their website. In addition to some things for Kellie, I really wanted to get the Naked2 palette by Urban Decay. Sadly, it was out of stock in store!  Instead, I left with a stater pack of bareMinerals and the UD make-up setting spray.  I'm excited to try both items and I'd venture a guess, this won't be my last trip to Ulta...

I'm still enjoying leftovers from this recipe!  If you are a fan of root vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots and parsnips you won't be disappointed. 

Hmmm... What is number four?  Grr. I have four things to write about, but I'm saving the best for last.  Does this ever happen to anyone else?

Okay, so after resorting to going through my calendar, I noticed that my Whole30 challenge will be up on Saturday.  Just in time to do come celebrating for Super Bowl Sunday!  GO BRONCOS!  Of course, after not eating dairy, grains, sugars and what not for a whole month I know better than to go hog wild or else I'll spend the whole night in the ladies room!  TMI?  I will definitely be indulging in some wine though!  I've missed wine.  And margaritas.  And vodka-tonics.

Five, yea!! Five!

Next Tuesday, I leave for Puerto Rico!  One of the best friends I made in college, Allis, has a week long work conference in San Juan and I'll be joining her for the last five days of her trip.  To say I'm 'looking forward to it' is an understatement, I've had my suitcase and summer clothes laid out in our guest room for almost 3 weeks!  I also added San Juan as a 'favorite' on my Weather Channel app so I can easily check in on the temperature and predicted forecast.  I'm ready to be lounging on the beach while I read The Book Thief, canoeing in the bioluminescent bay and adventuring through the city!  I won't be blogging while I'm away, but expect a full report when I get back!

Cheers to the weekend!!


  1. puerto rico!??! LUCKY DOG!! enjoy your time and SUNSHINE! xo

  2. Enjoy Puerto Rico, i'm jealous!!

    Stopping by from linkup!

  3. Bioluminescent bay! This sounds incredible! I remember learning about these and hearing about these little guys! Please take pictures if you can! so incredible! :)