Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Recap, Vol. 2

It's Monday again and time for a weekend recap!

The family who runs the barn where I keep Louie at have been out of town and I've been staying at their place and taking care of all the critters.  And when I say 'all the critters', I mean 9 horses, 3 cats, 3 dogs and 1 guinea pig!  The only trouble this go round was the weather...

Friday we got another round of snow, so after getting all the animals feed and tucked in for the night I snuggled up under some blankets with the house cat, Honey Bun, and watch The Hunger Games. 
Who out there is a Hunger Games fan?  I've got the series on my Kindle and have read them countless times and I also love the movies!

Saturday the weather warmed up considerably and I was able to spend quite a bit of time in the barn doing some cleaning and organizing.  I also took advantage of the weather and rode Louie!  It's been quite a while since I've actually been in the saddle this winter and it felt wonderful to ride. 

The only problem with the increase in temperatures was all the snow from Friday started to melt just in time for another weather system to move in.  This time we got rain and freezing rain, which makes for a sloppy mess around the farm. Thank goodness for Muck boots!

To top it all off, the temperatures dropped considerably as the day progressed and FROZE everything.  The driveway between the house and the barn was literally a skating rink!  As I was dealing with freezing rain and ice, my friend Allis who I'm meeting in Puerto Rico tomorrow, was torturing me with pictures like these...

After evening chores, I once again cuddled up with HB and watched some Hallmark movies.  Did anyone catch 'Remember Sunday' with Alexis Bledel?  You might remember her from back in the day on Gilmore Girls.  The movie was cute, sad at times, but overall worth sitting down to watch!

Sunday consisted of more time in the barn.  The horses are fed twice a day, but when the weather is good they are turned out on pasture during the day time and often times over night.  Since the temperatures have resigned to get out of the teens and twenties, the ice hasn't melted and the horses have to stay inside.  This means the two groups (mares and geldings/girls and boys) take turns getting turned out in the indoor arena so they can play and stretch their legs! 

Around 5 o'clock I headed up to a Super Bowl party at our friends house. 

Sadly, I realized how terrible I really am at basic math... I can't even count!  My Whole30 actually didn't end Sunday like I thought! 

Insert sad face.

It actually ends today or really tomorrow.  Which meant no drinkies for this girl at the Super Bowl party.

Ugh, the Super Bowl!


Poor Peyton.  I mean seriously, when the Seahawks scored the safety 12 frickin' seconds into the game, I was feeling a little dread!  As to not rehash the whole game, I pretty much tuned out after the halftime show, which I thought Bruno Mars did a good job!  I would have honestly quit watching the game all together if the Budweiser commercial with the puppy and the Clydesdales would have happened earlier in the evening. 

Speaking of commercials, these were my favorites!

Everyone's mouth literally dropped open during the Oikos yogurt commercial!  And then throw in some Full House cast, can you go wrong?

Seriously, that face!  And how can you top her statement of "and a puppy"?  

I mean, honestly... this one is adorable!  As a lover of Labradors and horses of any kind, they couldn't go wrong with the combo.  I also keeping my fingers crossed for a budding romance between the Bud guy and the Puppy gal in next year's commercial!

After the glaring error (okay, maybe it wasn't glaring to everyone) with last years Chevrolet commercial, the one with the rancher finding the Holstein calf in the rain, I was hoping that someone would do a little research this year and actually get it right.  In my opinion, this one was two thumbs way up!  I'm a Chevy girl.  I was raised on a Polled Hereford farm.  Paring those two things together was a great choice!  Excellent job, Chevy!

These commercials are near and dear to my heart!  As a farmer's daughter and a wife to a seed salesman, this is our livelihood.  We understand where the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the energy we use comes from because it's part of our everyday lives.  We live it. Every. Single. Day. Sadly thought, not everyone understands and I'm so proud of Monsanto for making these commercials to help educate people where their food, fiber and energy comes from!! 


So what did you do this weekend?  Did you suffer through the Super Bowl for the commercials, like me?  Or did your team win the big game?

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  1. 32 degrees? yuck! But those other photos is that Puerto Rico? Looks amazing!
    My fav superbowl commercial was the Budweiser horse and puppy! So adorable!

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